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Customizing a shirt at CustomThread

Customized Shirts, Jackets and More at CustomThread

CustomThread Inc LogoToday, we talk about individuality, branding and expressing yourself. And I guess having stuff customized is one way to do that. It’s good business, as I can attest, when my business offers customized laptop bags. Recently, I learned that we can have customized clothes at CustomThread.

Shirts, jackets, caps and towels are commonly customized. You’ll likely find these services at a kiosks inside the mall. But the company is not your typical run-of-the-mill shop for these things.

I had the chance to visit the 1,400 square meter their headquarters in Quezon City and tour the facility. That’s when I learned this business is not one of those you’ll be dealing with in Divisoria or a shop at a mall offering T-shirt printing, embroidery, et al. They’re a fashion-tech startup doing business big time, to say the least.

We were introduced to the company’s several equipment which are really high tech. One of the equipment is the Kornit Direct which is a direct-to-garment printer machine capable of high quality printing of images, photos, artworks in multiple colors. I was amazed at how fast T-shirt printing can be done despite the many colors.

Another digital printing called dye sublimation was also demoed. Using a large format Epson color printer, an artwork was printed and then transferred using the sublimation machine. This process is done for jersey shirts, and it’s really amazing.

Of course, they also do manual silk screen printing which is meticulously done. I am just amazed at how organized this tech-savvy organization is in doing this process. One look and you know they know what they’re doing. Rubber paint is used to make sure that the design lasts longer, and every shirt goes through a process that sort of bakes the design to the shirt to ensure quality printing.

Another interesting service is embroidery. This is another high-tech process which involves uploading the image so that the embroidery machines can work on the design. Just like printing, these equipment is also capable of doing the designs in multiple colors.

But the business doesn’t stop on the printing and embroidery of T-shirts, jackets, sportswear, corporate uniforms, and casual outfits. The start-up company is capable of designing clothes according to specifications. Obviously, this process is lengthy than the usual, but if you simply want plain clothes to be printed on, it’ll be easy.

customizing a pique shirt on CustomThread website So easy that you can actually create your own design and place your order on their newly-launched website. Pointing your browser to www.customthread.com will lead you to an all-inclusive platform equipped with a build-your-own-design app, cost estimate calculator, payment handling and delivery.

Customizing a shirt on CustomThread websiteI actually tried playing around with the idea of designing shirts and the process was so easy. Simply choose your preferred style and color, upload your artwork or image and see how it’ll look like. If you’re good with it, you can then place the order and follow the prompts. The thoughts of having The City Roamer apparels excites me!

Custom shirts by CustomThread

Custom Corporate Jacket by CustomThreadAnd speaking of having your own apparels. If you’re an aspiring fashion entrepreneur, the company can help jumpstart your business with Fundr. This even works for fundraising because Fundr is an all-in-one online platform where you can sell shirts to raise funds. And it’s hassle-free because they won’t require you money or capital for the t-shirt fundraising campaign.

Totebags by CustomThread

Hoodie Jackets by CustomThreadI told you this company is not just your run-of-the-mill shirt printing business. While you can have customized clothes with CustomThread, you can also build a business, a brand and your identity. And that’s the making of a big timer. Yep, the company’s hashtag says it all – #TogetherWeCan. If you want to be one, then it’s time to send your emails to [email protected]

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