Restaurants Near Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne

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The facade of Her Majesty's TheatreHer Majesty’s Theatre is located at 219 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. Since it was started in 1886, this theatre has attracted many people from within the city and beyond its borders. Numerous people prefer to combine the fun of watching live shows with good dining. As a result, there are a lot of restaurants that serve these hungry stomachs. When visiting Melbourne and particularly Her Majesty’s Theatre, you will want to know the best restaurants.

Where Are the Restaurants Located?

Many of the restaurants near the theatre are located along the common streets. You will find some between Spring Street and Exhibition Street while others are along Little Bourke Street and Bourke Street. The good thing is that they serve a variety of cuisines from around the world. Customers can pick one depending on their preferences without a challenge.

Visit the Chinatown of Melbourne to search for a Chinese Restaurant
The Chinatown of Melbourne on Little Bourke Street is near Her Majesty’s Theatre

Choosing a Restaurant

Now that you can choose a restaurant depending on the cuisine that you want to try, let us guide you on how to go about it.

  • The Chinatown of Melbourne is just around the corner on Little Bourke Street, and you can easily get Chinese dishes before the show starts. You may want to try the Secret Kitchen Chinatown, which is widely praised by many people.
  • The Japanese Ramen & Yakitori Restaurant along Little Bourke Street will entice you and your family with various mouth-watering meals before a show begins in the theatre. The prices are fair, which makes it a popular joint for both the Japanese and other people in Melbourne.Enjoy a bowl of Japanese Ramen
  • Another popular joint along Little Bourke Street is Vamos tapas bar. They have an elaborate and delicious menu with great food and drinks. You can visit the Vamos website to place an order or make a reservation.
  • For those who love Italian food, the Trunk restaurant along Exhibition Street is a great place to eat. It is a popular hangout for locals and tourists as they wait for their favorite show to start in the theatre.

Ambiance and Theme

When choosing a good restaurant to dine at near Her Majesty’s Theatre, the ambiance and theme matter a lot especially if you are entertaining guests. Most of the restaurants have modern themes that are mixed with classic and rustic themes.

The cozy ambiance of Vamos Melbourne
Vamos Tapas Bar has a cozy ambiance

If your show is in the afternoon and you want some lunch, choosing a restaurant with outdoor shade is a brilliant idea. Both kids and adults will appreciate the afternoon breeze as they enjoy drinks, ice cream or lunch.

For dinner, there are exciting options for candlelit dining. It is ideal to enjoy such a dinner after an incredible show before heading back home.


Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne is a place that is full of fun for adults and kids alike, but it requires some good research and planning on the best places to eat nearby. If you were concerned about choosing a restaurant, you can’t go wrong with the tips above. You can also check online for more restaurants and bars that are around this theatre.

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