‘Go Where Your Mind’s Been Wandering’ – A New Campaign by the Department of Tourism, Tourism Promotions Board, and BBDO Guerrero

The Department of Tourism (DOT) and Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) has launched a beautiful outdoor, press, and online campaign, with the help of BBDO Guerrero, to promote domestic tourism in the Philippines as the country recovers from the pandemic and travel restrictions are eased.

The campaign ‘Go where your mind’s been wandering,’ highlights the re-opening of 10 popular tourist destinations, from white sand beaches to strawberry farms, in captivating photos that illustrate the unique characteristics of each place and, if you look closely, reveal a silhouette of a hidden face.

From surfing in La Union, diving in Cebu, and hiking in Davao, you’re sure to find something you love, no matter where your mind’s been wandering.

The full list of destinations covered in this campaign:

  1. Batangas – Known for its fine resorts (beaches and manmade).
  2. Benguet – Known for its cold climate and strawberry farms.
  3. Bohol – Known as one of the best diving spots.
  4. Boracay – Known for its whitesand beaches.
  5. Cebu – Also known for its dive spots.
  6. Davao – Known for its nature laid-back tracking.
  7. Intramuros – Also known as the walled city in Manila. Strongly linked to arts.
  8. La Union – Known as one of the best surfing spots in the North.
  9. Pampanga – Known as the culinary capital of the Philippines.
  10. Vigan – A UNESCO world heritage site also known for its pottery experience.

The campaign was produced together with STILLS MNL Photographer Jason Quibilan and UGL Post Production with minimal retouching, inviting domestic tourists to rediscover the beauty of the Philippines – safely and responsibly.

Stop dreaming, start planning, now ‘go where your mind’s been wandering’.

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