Experienced Love In Mang Inasal’s Media and Bloggers’ Night

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I Love Mang Inasal PosterIt was an enjoyable night at the T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O. in Greenhills’ Promenade for the very first Mang Inasal Media and Bloggers’ Night on the first day of August. It was the launching of the leading quick-service restaurant’s newest campaign dubbed “I <3 Mang Inasal” — a look back into the reasons why we Filipinos have fallen in love with this brand, and a look forward to the bigger things to come.

I was fortunate to receive an invite along with bloggers friends where we were treated to delicious food, drinks and great music intertwined with fun games and raffles. But the event was more than that. It was also to announce more reasons to love Mang Inasal: The Mang Aawit Project, the Grand Gadget Giveaway and the 400th store opening at the Vmall Carpark in Greenhills on August 5.

I <3 Mang Inasal Media and Bloggers Night Invitation

Blogger Marjorie Pineda at the ASUS boothThe Mang Aawit Project is an advocacy to original Pilipino music. Acknowledging the need to support OPM, Mang Inasal’s project aims to help eight deserving artists music grants and exposure to a wider audience. On the other hand, the Grand Gadget Giveaway is the restaurant’s way to thank the Filipino’s patronage to the brand by giving away Asus Eee Pad Transformers and special I Love Mang Inasal USB Baller bands everyday for the entire month of August. To give everyone a glimpse of the giveaway, Asus Philippines set up a booth in one corner showcasing two Eee Pad Transformers. Also, two units were raffled off at the event.

Admittedly, it was my first time to visit T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O. and that side of Greenhills Shopping Complex. I registered at around 5pm and saw a couple of people from the media already inside. Then bloggers started to arrive later on. Restaurant Executives Gil P. Abela, General Manager, talked about the history and programs of Mang Inasal; Marketing Manager Enri Ruiz shared his thoughts about how loving Mang Inasal was the same as loving the country. Chris Cahilig, Program Director of the Mang Aawit Project joined later on to give more details and introduced the breakthrough artists.
Sheng Belmonte

Boy Band 1:43, Stephanie Dan, Aries Sales, Onse, Sheng Belmonte, Myrus and Kiss Jane performed on stage, keeping everyone entertained. Unfortunately, the eighth artist, Arnee Hidalgo, was not there. These artists are very talented and is worthy of the support that Mang Inasal is extending. And since they all cater to different music genre, I’m sure everyone will have a personal favorite/s.

Despite going home wet because of strong rains on my way home, I did not regret attending the event. Kudos to Mang Inasal for their success! I salute them for supporting OPM. I look forward to participating in their Grand Gadget Giveaway. I’m sure I will be able to join the raffle several times. After all, I <3 Mang Inasal and there’s one near my place. Wohooo!!

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