Metalink Stone Tile for Beautiful and Practical Roofing Solutions

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woman holding out a bucket to stop a roof leak
Leaking roof?

There’s no denying that rainy days are here again. And with that comes the realization to some that there’s a leak on the roof. Depending on how bad the situation is, homeowners would end up doing a quick fix or may decide to replace the roof altogether. If you’re planning to work on such project, here’s something I discovered recently – Metalink Stone Tile, the first  long span stone coated roof developed, manufactured and patented by Metalink Steel.

Visiting Metalink Plant in Bulacan
Visiting Metalink Plant in Bulacan

Visiting a manufacturing facility is always a welcome experience for me. So when the opportunity to visit Metalink and learn more about their products, I immediately gave it a go. It’s a good thing my schedule was clear for the day, at least the early part of it.

Metalink Stone Tile Roofing installation demo
Metalink Stone Tile Roofing installation demo

Stone Tile is the latest innovation by Metalink Steel, a manufacturer of steel roofing solutions in the country. Established in 2001, the company is now offering its patented Stone Coated Long Span roofing solutions to homeowners and developers. For the uninitiated like me, when talking about roofing, the term “long span” means the material is made wider and offer more coverage.

With my own eyes, I began to understand what this roofing solution is all about. It’s basically a steel roofing given a stylish design similar to European houses. Instead of simply painting on it, it’s coated with stone material dyed in charcoal gray, pine green, brick red and coffee brown color for that added aesthetic appeal. Stone Tile roofing is a cost-effective alternative to shingle tile roofing which we see used on houses located at exclusive subdivisions and villages.

Molded Metal Sheet ready for stone coating at Metalink Plant
Molded Metal Sheet ready for stone coating at Metalink Plant

I used to see these roofing at Acropolis when my office was in Eastwood City in Libis. They are beautiful alright, but the thought of having them installed would be expensive and time-consuming. That’s because these roofing solutions are made of tile and it has to be installed one by one.

Freshly-baked Metalink Stone Coated Long Span roofing
Freshly-baked Metalink Stone Coated Long Span roofing

With Metalink’s innovative solution, having a house with somewhat similar roofing is now possible. Having Stone Tile roofing adds the aesthetic appeal of a house. It’s long span, so that is more cost-effective because you don’t have to buy a lot of tiles that will cover the entire roof. It’s just basically buying steel roof, only better-looking.

Sample sheets of Metalink Stone Tile Roofing
Sample sheets of Metalink Stone Tile Roofing

Metalink Stone Tile is not just for aesthetic purposes. This roofing solution is actually more durable than the usual pre-painted long span, thanks to the added stone coated layer. We also learned that the general expectations of its service life is 10 years against molds, 20 years against rusting. Ongoing laboratory tests also indicated no significant fading after 5 years of UV exposure, or rusting after 1000 hours of Salt Spray Test. Salt Spray Test is a simulated corrosion test to determine how long a material can last without rusting.

At the moment, the product has 3-year warranty. But the ongoing laboratory test may result to extending the warranty further. We actually had the opportunity to visit the lab room where testing are being conducted. We learned that as batches of production is in progress, they continue to check for quality assurance purposes.

Metalink stone-coated roofing compared to pre-painted roofing
Metalink stone-coated roofing (brown and grey) compared to pre-painted roofing (blue)

I’m certainly delighted about discovering Metalink Stone Tile roofing solutions. This will definitely be on my check list should I decide to have my own house built. I always dreamt of having a property with those European-styled roofing. Now it’s possible with this innovative solution. Visit for more details.

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