Polland Hopia and Special Tikoy for Chinese New Year

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Polland Hopia and TikoyGet your Polland Hopia and Special Tikoy for your celebrations on Chinese New Year! After a grueling 2020, I’m sure you want good health and wealth for 2021. And the best way to achieve that is to have good vibes all around you. Being with your loved ones is the best vibe that you can get. And of course, it feels great to give which is great for good karma.

Why Hopia and Tikoy? These sweet treats are commonly served during the Lunar Year, aka Chinese New Year. Hopia, a version of moon cakes served during the mid-Autumn festival is round. Among the Chinese, anything round is considered a symbol of good fortune.

The same goes for Tikoy which is made of sticky rice. It’s very popular during the Lunar Year because aside from symbolizing money, prosperity and continuous loving relationship also mean sweetness and good cheer for the family.

Polland HopiaSo if your goal is to have all the love, luck, fortune, good health, and harmony in your life, make sure you have those Hopia and Special Tikoy by the evening of February 11th. You don’t even have to leave your home. Just open your Shopee app and order your Polland Hopia and Special Tikoy.

Polland has been making traditional and authentic Chinese style hopia since the 1960s. You have 4 flavors to enjoy: Mongo Special, Black Mongo, Ube, and Hopia Baboy. I’m sure you’ll love Polland Hopia for its buttery and flaky thin crust. Each box has 4 pieces of hopia foil sealed and intact. You can actually buy tons of it because its shelf life lasts for 1 month.Polland Special Tikoy

Polland Special Tikoy comes in a variety of flavors – White Sugar (original), Brown Sugar, Ube, Pineapple, Pandan, and Strawberry. I want to have it all! It’s available in 600 grams (small, Php125) and 1.2 kilos (medium, Php200). They’re perfect gift-giving ideas for the Chinese New Year, too!

Polland Limited-Edition Handpainted Fish TikoiIf you’re feeling generous, you can buy the Handpainted Fish Tikoi for only Php300. Fish invites wealth and happiness in the upcoming year. The limited-edition Polland Fish Tikoi is intricately made and so cute! It’s an ideal gift for your loved ones or even your business partner.

Polland Mini TikoyThere’s also the Polland Mini Tikoy for only Php100. It’s a White Sugar-flavored Tikoy with intricate “HOK” strawberry detail on top. “HOK” is the Chinese character for luck.

Polland Heart Tikoy for Valentine's Day

Extend the Chinese New Year celebration and give this Heart Tikoy for Valentines’ Day. The perfect V-Day treat for only Php100, it’ll make your love sweeter and make you both stick to each other more.

Polland Heart Tikoy

The good thing is, you can enjoy your Polland Hopia and Tikoy even beyond the celebrations because it won’t spoil quickly. Polland Hopia has a shelf life of 1 month unrefrigerated while Polland Tikoy can last for 2 months. You have nothing to worry about buying in bulk.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re Fire up your Shopee app and buy your Polland Hopia and Tikoy in time for the festivities. Happy Shopping!


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