Goodday Milk Mounts Immersive Virtual Launch in SEA

I attended the Goodday Cultured Milk Virtual Launch while enjoying the milkOn the 9th of December 2020, Asahi Beverages’ Goodday Milk became the first-ever beverage brand in Southeast Asia to launch via Moot, an immersive virtual events platform. I got invited to the launch and experienced how fun and cool it was. In a time where brands across different categories vie for innovative experiences to creative activations, Goodday was able to pull off an event that virtually took their guests to the place where the technology behind their product originated – Japan.

“Goodday Cultured Milk contains a specially formulated strain of Paraprobiotics in every bottle – a proud development of Japanese technology in partnership with major dairy conglomerate Morinaga Milk Japan,” said Hemalatha Ragavan, Chief Executive Officer, Asahi Beverages Philippines. “This special strain is clinically proven to help improve intestinal health and natural resistance – a benefit that is very much relevant in today’s time. It proved to us that Goodday is indeed the right brand for our very first foray into the Philippine beverage market.”

Goodday Milk Launch - Conference Hall-01
The Goodday virtual conference hall during the launch
Asahi Beverages traces its roots way back in 1889 with Osaka Breweries
At the conference hall, I learned that Asahi Beverages traces its roots way back in 1889 with Osaka Breweries

Goodday’s good bacteria or Paraprobiotics (Lactobacillus Paracasei MCC1849), helps improve one’s intestinal health and natural resistance so they can Have a Goodday every day. A product of Japanese innovation, the brand also found an innovative way to connect people despite the restrictions to gather physically – through a virtual experience that even made them feel as if they’re traveling to different places together. Utilizing Moot, guests were made to create their own custom avatars and dress them to their own liking. Once ready, they were all sent to intricately designed virtual worlds such as a spacious airport terminal, an outdoor-themed conference hall where the main program was held, a Q&A session in an intimate Zen Garden, and later treated to a fun-filled Japanese-inspired town where they got to freely explore while dancing to the performances of Autotelic and UDD – both bands who appeal greatly to Filipinos, playing in their first-ever virtual performance.

Goodday Milk Launch - Japan Town-01
Japan Town – one of the virtual places we visited during the Goodday launch
My avatar having fun at the Goodday Cultured Milk Virtual Launch
My avatar having fun at the Goodday Cultured Milk Virtual Launch

“For us, product appeal is essential. So, leading up to the launch, we worked on variants with a taste profile catering to the Filipino palate, all while maintaining functionality that is relevant for every consumer,” added Ragavan. “Combined with the health benefits of our specially developed strain of Paraprobiotics from Japan, our Research and Development team spent around 2 years to get the right taste that most Filipinos will enjoy every day.”

Goodday Cultured Milk in 80ml and 350ml variantWith a thorough understanding of the Filipino’s preferred taste profile, Goodday Milk launches with three delicious flavors: Original, Mango, and Strawberry. They are available in 80ml and 350ml bottles at 7-Eleven stores and leading supermarkets nationwide.

Goodday Cultured Milk has paraprobiotics for good healthWith great pride, Ragavan said, “I strongly believe Goodday will be a gamechanger in the Philippine market.”

From being the first-ever beverage brand in SEA to pull off a virtual launch the way they did, it proves that Asahi Beverages Inc., through Goodday Cultured Milk, has officially arrived – ready to Make Everyday a Goodday.

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