Shopee Loyalty Gives You More Reasons to Shop

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My Shopee Loyalty Tier is SilverThe Shopee Loyalty is official. If you’re a regular online shopper with Shopee, you might have noticed something new when you check your account profile. Well, it’s finally out. The leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan is rewarding its customers even more with a rewards program.

The brand new in-app program delivers a more rewarding shopping experience for users. Users can enjoy a range of exclusive perks, vouchers, and deals every month when they shop more with Shopee. Isn’t that amazing? Not only do you enjoy affordable items, but you also get rewarded too when you shop.

Highlights of Shopee Loyalty

Shopee Loyalty is easily accessible with a single tap from the home page. On the loyalty page, users  can:

  • Track tier progress for the month

  • Discover various tier and reward milestones

  • Redeem eligible vouchers that are refreshed monthly, including free shipping vouchers and special birthday vouchers.

Shopee Loyalty TiersMartin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “We are excited to bring more joy and reward Shopee users better with Shopee Loyalty. Shopee has seen online shopping grow in importance for Filipinos in the past year, as more people turn to Shopee for their needs, from groceries to entertainment. Shopee Loyalty gives users more ways to save and have fun with Shopee as they shop online more, together with our in-app features, membership clubs, and shopping campaigns that users enjoy regularly. We look forward to helping users unlock more value with Shopee in the future.”

With Shopee launching a rewards program, it simply means that they do care about their users who frequently shop using the platform. I love rewards especially if it’s useful, that’s why this for me is a welcome development. To learn more, visit Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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