Playa Laiya Beach Club for a Quick Beach Getaway

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Playa Laiya Beach ClubI love the beach, and the idea of enjoying the sun, sand and sea in just a matter of hours from Manila is a welcome idea. That’s why I immediately agreed to going to Playa Laiya Beach Club for a quick getaway. From Makati, it only took us 3 hours going to the resort.

Located in San Juan, Batangas, Playa Laiya Beach Club is actually part of an exclusive residential community development by Landco Pacific Corporation. The resort actually serves as the “club house” of the residents, but is also open to the public for day tour. Of course, not everyone can just walk in and use the resort facilities.Playa Laiya Beach Club

I’m guessing the management wants to control the flow of people. That’s actually a good thing, because otherwise it’ll get crowded. You can’t enjoy a beach if there’s too many people, can you? At Playa Laiya Beach Club, you enjoy the exclusivity given to property owners.

Playa Laiya Beach Club Welcome Center
Playa Laiya Beach Club Welcome Center
Beach Cabanas at Playa Laiya Beach Club
Perfect spot for relaxing

Upon arrival, we settled at the Beach Cabanas with mattresses. It’s the perfect spot to while your time away. But of course, we’re not there to just sit around. Our first activity for the day was island hopping.

Unfortunately, it rained while we were at sea that we decided to just stay in one island. The locals can’t tells us the name of this island, but it’s interesting to see the rock formations.

Afterwards, most of us stayed in the infinity pool. The beach club opted to compartmentalized the pool – the kiddie pool is actually part of the entire pool, just set with a marker. That’s a thoughtful decision because parents can still enjoy swimming while seeing their kids within reach. I also enjoyed swimming because it’s not that deep.

Wide pathways in between the Beach Cabana

Guests can stay at the Club Cabanas located just a few steps away from the pool. The resort has ample space for small and big groups. I noticed that the cabanas are spaced properly, ensuring privacy for everyone.

A Club Cabana at Playa Laiya Beach Club
A Club Cabana at Playa Laiya Beach Club
  • Big Cabana (15 – 20 pax)
  • Pool Cabana and Beach Front Cabana ( 6 -10 pax)
  • Pool Pavilion (20 – 25 pax)
  • Marketing Pavilion (up to 100 pax)

The beach in the afternoon

More spots to relax at the beach frontWhat I truly enjoy with resorts like these is that I can move from the pool to the beach and back. That’s exactly what I did at Playa Laiya Beach Club. After spending sometime at the pool, I’ve decided to head over to the beach. I took advantage of the massage service available. Afterwards, I braved the Flying Fish with blogger friends. It was my first time to have this water activity, and I truly enjoyed it. The resort also offers other beach and water activities such as:

  • Jet Ski
  • Banana Boat
  • Para Sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Beach Volleyball

The Flying Fish - one of the water activity offered at Playa Laiya Beach Club

Enjoying Flying Fish at Playa Laiya Beach Club

In between our activities, I filled my tummy with delicious foods at The Sands – the beach club’s very own restaurant. The Sands at Playa Laiya Beach Club

Delicious food at The Sands

Refreshments at The Sands

If you can’t afford to go far but is itching for a quick beach getaway, then Playa Laiya Beach Club is the place to be. The resort is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 8am  to 6pm. The pool is open from 8am to 6pm, while the beach can be enjoyed from 6am to 6pm.

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Playa Laiya Beach Club

Address: Beach Club, San Juan, Laiya Road, Batangas, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 553 8888


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  1. Hi, i already call their office for reservation but i was informed it do need endorsement.
    I would appreciate if you can help.

    1. Hi Devy. You may directly contact the beach resort account manager, Ms. Rem Ynigo. Her email address is r.ynigo(at)

  2. Just wondering why you have complementary meals and snacks? is that included in the entrance fee

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