The Garden at Mega Atrium Brings Nature Indoor

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SM Megamall recently unveiled the Garden at Mega Atrium. It’s a botanical garden where Respira Cafe is also located. It’s a perfect spot to relax for busy shoppers and mall-goers. It’s definitely a different experience compared to staying inside a coffee shop filled with people and chatters.

The new generation of plantitos and plantitas can now enjoy a serene and refreshing dining experience and can purchase plants from Respira. Located at the 2nd level of Mega Atrium, the Garden and Respira Café recently launched with a verdant plant exhibit at SM Megamall. Evoking a peaceful atmosphere, the botanical garden is a place where people can enjoy stunning natural elements.

The Garden at Mega AtriumThe rich green space is a breath of fresh air amid the pandemic and the hustle and bustle of city life. “Many people have developed a newfound interest in growing plants in their homes amid the pandemic. Apart from the aesthetics, indoor plants add a touch of repose and refinement. This is what we want our shoppers to feel at SM Megamall as we continue to innovate the malling experience during these trying times and beyond,” said SM Supermalls president Steven Tan.

The Respira Café features delectable pastries whipped up by co-owner Marvin Braceros, a critically acclaimed pastry chef and restaurateur from Italy. The heavenly confections include Dulce de Leche Ensaymada with Italian buttercream, grated cheddar cheese, topped with a caramel drizzle; the rich and citrusy Panettone; the moist Hazelnut Cake glazed with Belgian chocolate ganache; the irresistible Ciocolata with salted caramel and roasted peanuts; and the delectable Fruit Basket with light chiffon sponge cake and citrus cream cheese mousse.

The Garden at Mega Atrium is perfect for plantitas and plantitos

The café is also a perfect spot to breathe or enjoy catch up session with friends, offers refreshing coffee and beverages. Chef Braceros has collaborated with a homegrown brand from Batangas called Sinay to come up with five in-house milk tea flavors. Other drinks on the menu are brewed coffee, latte, cappuccino, Caffe Americano, and espresso – all prepared using Batangas coffee beans as a way of supporting local businesses.

The Garden at Mega Atrium is a breath of fresh airAside from sweets and drinks, shoppers can also explore Respira’s wide selection of plants and potteries which they can purchase and bring to their own homes. Of course, dining and shopping at the Garden and Respira Café are ensured to be safe with proper social distancing measures and health protocols.

A botanical garden inside SM MegamallExperience tranquility and a taste of heaven at the Garden at Mega Atrium at SM Megamall. For more information, visit or follow @smsupermalls on all social media platforms.

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