Moonleaf Tea Shop Launched Hot Drinks for Tea Aficionados

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Moonleaf Hot TeaI love drinking tea, especially the flavored ones. I would immediately buy a pack whenever I’d see a new batch that I have yet to taste. Somehow, my frustration is that despite the proliferation of milk tea shops in the metro, I have yet to encounter one offering hot tea. That all changed when I learned that Moonleaf Tea Shop launched their hot drinks for tea aficionados like me.

Reviving an authentic Taiwanese tradition with an innovative twist for the Filipino market, Moonleaf offers their latest addition to its wide-range of freshly- brewed tea offerings include classic favourites like Black Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Earl Grey Tea. Refreshing and milk-infused variants include Wintermelon, Vanilla, and Caramel Milk Teas, among others. There’s also Lychee Jasmine, Passionfruit and Lychee Aloe Vera teas for customers who are looking for a stimulating burst of fruit flavours.

Moonleaf Hot Tea DrinkMoonleaf Tea Shop Chief Executive Officer Adrian Adriano shared “Moonleaf’s premium tea leaves from Taiwan lend an authentic and luxurious tea flavour. Its natural benefits make it the perfect alternative to coffee, and an invigorating treat to health enthusiasts.”

Moonleaf started out as a quaint shop along Magiting Street, UP Teacher’s Village in Diliman, Quezon City in 2010. The homey interiors and wide variety of tea concoctions quickly drew in crowds of young and hip students and professionals. Moonleaf’s tea drinks and mixes are made from freshly brewed, top-quality tea leaves that are freshly-brewed, steeped and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition.

Today, the tea shop is considered a fast-emerging brand with over 30 branches nationwide. It is venturing into expanding its reach outside the Philippines very soon. As Moonleaf Tea Shop launched hot drinks for tea aficionados, I’m sure it will become a favorite place to hangout.

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