Larossa in Capitol Hills Makes Condo Living Like Living with Nature

Larossa in Capitol Hills Quezon City

Larossa in Capitol Hills Quezon CityHow’s the idea of living in the city yet breathing in fresh air while enjoying the shades of towering trees? It seems impossible alright, especially when there’s more vehicles than trees in our community. In my area where I live, I don’t see a  lot of trees actually, only plants in their pots and that’s not good enough. But my recent visit to a real estate development site in Quezon City made me realize it’s still a possibility. With the developer committed not to touch all the century-old trees in the area, Larossa in Capitol Hills promises to make condo living feel like living with nature.

Larossa in Capitol Hills Vicinity Map Located at the heart of Quezon City, near the University of the Philippines in Diliman and the Ayala Techno-Park, Larossa in Capitol Hills is envisioned to be an Urban Botanical Community. Unlike most real estate developer in the country which would uproot and transfer aged trees to a different location to allow for building construction, PrimeHomes Real Estate Development‘s goal is to work around the nature with 65% open space and 35% building space. The result will be a communion of modern and natural beauty, each complimenting the other. During my visit to their showroom, I was told that they also intend to take advantage of the natural formation of the land.

I was with three other bloggers and we were allowed to enter the development which has recently started but was stalled because of typhoon Maring. The place was huge and the trees standing tall with their branches and leaves all spread out. As I imagine how the development would be when it’s fully completed, I envision a place that’s peaceful because of the plants all over the place. As I walked around the area, even for a short time, I already felt how sprawling this place is, having a hard time catching my breath as I roam around. Imagine the beauty of nature carefully intertwined with a modern condominium development. It’s like living in a resort far from the city.

Available in Studio unit with 23 sqm floor area, Studio Premiere with 28.50 sqm and 1 bedroom unit with 31.20 sqm, condominium buyers can choose what fits their lifestyle. In fact, because everything is still on a pre-selling phase, buyers may inform PrimeHomes how they want their unit configured if they want to combine two units or more. That is a very good offer that’s not available with other developers. Buyers usually go through certain limitations when combining two units because of the floor plan. That’s not the case when choosing Larossa.

In addition to choosing your own configuration when buying combining units, you can also ask help for interior design. In fact, they offer interior design consultancy and would even decorate the unit themselves. We saw the sample units at the showroom and saw how each unit are beautifully interior decorated. The look and feel is very modern, and that’s how I like my place to be.

The Larossa in Capitol Hills is truly an ideal place to live in. Aside from the beauty of the place, I also like the idea that it’s a condominium in Quezon City. When I made my visit to the site, I was surprised that It was not as far as I thought it would be. I like the idea that it’s secluded, yet it’s accessible and near schools, offices and commercial establishments. The first phase of the development is almost sold out, with some areas, particularly the ones situated in the inner side of the development is no longer for sale. This real estate development by PhilHomes is indeed promising, especially with the idea of condo living and being in one with nature.

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