TV5 Primetime Todo Brings Exciting Shows this November

We are in for an entertainment treat as TV5 Primetime Todo in partnership with Cignal TV is set to premiere exciting shows for everyone. The new lineup of teleseryes starting this Monday, November 23rd will be a good mix of fresh and familiar faces from the local entertainment industry. And this will be the first time a new concept in TV viewing is being introduced.

TV5 Primetime Todo ShowsWith the TV5 Primetime Todo starting at 9:30 PM, viewers will enjoy once-a-week series in a variety of genres delivered from Monday-Friday. The PRIMETIME TODO block brings five (5) new shows that will give the viewers a variety of exciting stories to fill their weekday evenings with, namely: Ate Ng Ate Ko (Monday), Stay In Love (Tuesday), Bella Bandida (Wednesday), Carpool (Thursday), and Kagat ng Dilim (Friday).

We’re all used to viewing the same series for 5 consecutive nights, so TV5 Primetime Todo is a breath of fresh air. This allows local TV viewers to view different forms of entertainment every day. You won’t get fed up watching the same thing every night and you will have something to look forward to the following week, which makes it more exciting.

Through Cignal Entertainment, the film and television production arm of Cignal TV has commissioned Archangel Media to bring Ate ng Ate Ko & Carpool, Cornerstone Entertainment for Stay-in Love, and Viva Entertainment to bring Bella Bandida and Kagat ng Dilim. With TV5’s partnership with Cignal, the TV network continues to live up to its promise of inspiring and empowering its Filipino viewers with original and remarkable content.

Offering a wave of new programs ranging from drama, romance, action, and suspense, there’s no doubt that quality entertainment is at the heart of TV5’s core mission as they continue to provide opportunities for people in the entertainment industry and more meaningful reasons to come together, offering viewers access to a wide array of programs.

Ate ng Ate Ko Main CastPopular actors Kris Bernal and Isabelle de Leon make their return on screen as they star in the newest weekly primetime series, Ate ng Ate Ko, alongside Jake Cuenca, Tonton Gutierrez, Joem Bascon, Kim Last, and Phil Noble. The show boasts a dramatic yet cryptic narrative of two sisters whose differences get in the way of their loving relationship. A mysterious incident causes the sisters to switch roles. The story also tackles a psychological condition called ‘dissociative fugue’ which is a rare form of amnesia wherein one loses awareness of their identity or other important personal information. The pilot episode is set to premiere this November 23 and will air every Monday at 9:30 PM on TV5.

TV5 Primetime Todo: Ate ng Ate KoInitially, I was thinking this is another case of “amnesia” drama but when I learned about a dissociative fugue case, I realized that it’s actually an interesting topic to learn and be discussed on TV. During the virtual presscon, Kris Bernal explained that she had to understand the condition to be able to portray the role better. In one of her TV series with GMA7, she was given the chance to portray herself as a person with an intellectual disability. The trailer showed how different her portrayal was.

Maris Racal with Marc David and Kokoy de SantosNext on TV5’s slew of fresh primetime teleserye is the romantic comedy that will make viewers swoon with excitement. Stay-in Love follows the journey of a young and charming lady, played by Maris Racal, whose dream is to become a maid. As the story unfolds, the audience will be introduced to more characters; all scrambling to get their lives in order and find answers to their troubles.

TV5 Primetime Todo: Stay-in LoveJoining Maris Racal and Ruffa Gutierrez in this light-hearted rom-com are Bobby Andrews, Pooh, Marc David, and breakout artist Kokoy de Santos. Stay-in Love is set to launch this November 24 and will air on TV5 every Tuesday at 9:30 PM.

TV5 Primetime Todo: Bella BandidaFrom the producers of action-packed women starrers “Buy Bust” and “Maria” comes Bella Bandida, an action-drama series loosely based on the classic comic book by National Artist Francisco V. Coching.  The series is headlined by Ryza Cenon as Bella Banida, an idealistic doctor who inherits mystical powers and uses them to fight injustice and avenge a heinous crime inflicted upon her by a gang of ruthless men.  This series will showcase a different kind of female power.  Premiering this November 25 on TV5, it will air every Wednesday at 9:30 PM.

TV5 Primetime Todo: CarpoolCarpool is the newest suspense thriller series which will tackle the lives of four young individuals portrayed by Sarah Carlos, Alex Diaz, Kate Lapuz, and Kenneth Medrano. The series starts with the four sharing a carpool ride together, which leads them to a whirlwind of tragedy and horrific hauntings that will continue to follow them.

The mysteries of Carpool further unravel as a former classmate, portrayed by Elora Espano, is suspected to be behind the events that haunt the four passengers. What is mind-boggling though, is that the said suspect that continues to torment them is already dead. Viewers can catch Carpool on TV5 starting November 26 and will air every Thursday at 9:30 PM.

Carpool CastI’m particularly interested in Carpool being a suspense-thriller genre and the plot. If my memory serves me right, this is the first time something like this is being shown on Philippine TV. It’s also interesting to see fresh faces carrying out such a heavy storyline which will require scenes that will put you at the edge of your seat.

TV5 Primetime Todo: Kagat sa DilimKagat ng Dilim, is the 2020 evolution of the horror anthology series in the early 2000s.  This time, four of the most talented, young, and well-known directors of the genre were enlisted to craft 13 episodes of terrifying tales that have haunted the minds of Filipinos. The stories, created by directors Lawrence Fajardo, Richard Somes, Paul Basinillo, and Rae Red, are set to give a new generation of Pinoy horror fans a few more reasons to be afraid of the dark.  Headlined by top Viva talents such as Matteo Guidicelli, Cristine Reyes, Maui Taylor & Ella Cruz, the series is launching this November 27 and will air every Friday at 9:30 PM.

Ate ng Ate Ko, Stay-in Love, and Carpool will have a next day catch-up airing every 5:30 PM via One Screen on Cignal TV Channel 09 and SatLite Channel 35. Bella Bandida and Kagat ng Dilim will also have its catch-up airings: Bella Bandida starting November 27 airing Fridays at 7:00 PM and Kagat ng Dilim starting November 28, airing Saturdays at 7:00 PM; both via the SARI SARI Channel on Cignal TV Channel 03 and SatLite Channel 30.

Even better, you can access both One Screen and SARI SARI Channel via the Cignal Play app. Download for FREE for Android and iOS users. Indeed, Cignal Entertainment & TV5 remain true to its mission in redefining the television experience. These giants continue to showcase Filipino ingenuity and highlight passion by providing their viewers with outstanding production. Creativity and collaboration will continue to remain at the heart of Philippine entertainment; and TV5’s Bigger Better BER Months campaign is a testament to that.

I’m personally interested in TV5 Primetime Todo. It’s a fresh way of bringing entertainment to local TV viewers. For somebody who has no time to stay glued on the screen, I can definitely set a time to watch a particular series once a week. From the looks of it, I’ll be watching out for Ate ng Ate Ko and Carpool.

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