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Pretzel Crisps in Cheese 'n Garlic and Honey Mustard Flavor

Pretzel Crisps is Snacking to the Next Level

Pretzel Crisps in Cheese 'n Garlic and Honey Mustard FlavorWhile others went on a vacation some place, I stayed at home during the long weekend while Pope Francis roamed the country. Unlike the rest of the working population, I’m not able to enjoy the holiday because my clients are based outside the Philippines and I had to be online. It’s a good thing that I discovered delightful pretzel snacks with Jack ‘n Jill Pretzel Crisps. It sure brought my snacking to the next level, taking the boredom away even while working or watching TV.

I was surprised to see how Universal Robina Corporation put a spin to pretzel. I can recall during my childhood how I love those chocolate-coated pretzels, and that’s how I remember it to be until I eventually realized this treat also comes in twisted form and not just a long log-like ones I’ve come to know. As I became older, snacking somehow became boring with all the chips that seemingly come in different shapes and sizes but offers the same experience.

Snacking on Pretzel Crisps while watching TVAvailable in two flavors – Honey Mustard and Cheese ‘n Garlic – my latest discovery surely is not among those snacks. The all-time favorite pretzel is now made lighter and crispier. I enjoyed both flavors! The Pretzel Crisps in Honey Mustard is interesting because there’s a slight hint of the strong mustard flavor, but not sweet despite honey. My favorite is the Cheese ‘n Garlic flavor simply because I just love everything with cheese on it.

Light and Crispy Pretzel CrispsPretzel Crisps is snacking to the next level. Available in leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide for only P15 (SRP), adding more fun and excitement to whatever you do is possible with these pretzel snacks.

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