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Pinoy Master Grill – an Emerging Pinoy Fastfood Joint

Restaurants offering grilled dishes are a dime in a dozen these days. Unfortunately, only a few can really maintain the quality of food at an affordable price. While some stood out, their appeal fizzled out for me. Pinoy Master Grill wants to fill that space by offering affordable and delicious grilled dishes. I had the chance to visit their newest branch, the 2nd one at Lagro in Quezon City on November 10th along with other bloggers.

On our way to the restaurant, one blogger shared her dining experience at the restaurant’s first branch located along Taft Avenue in Manila. From what I’ve gathered, this is going to be a good food tasting experience. After a long drive from Ortigas Center, we arrived at the Quezon City Branch. I was tired and hungry, not to mention sleepy because I went straight from work.

Pinoy Master Grill can be easily spotted by residents and motorists because it’s situated along the road. Plus, there’s ample parking space. These are plus points on convenience. Entering the restaurant, I noticed the casual vibe with nice sets of chairs and tables, it doesn’t look like a fastfood joint. The entire dining area is well-lit, plus the day light is allowed to let in as the front area is covered with glass, giving it an airy feel.

The Counter at Pinoy Master Grill Lagro Quezon City


Bloggers at Pinoy Master Grill Lagro Quezon City

Then we finally got into the meat of things – food tasting. We had Inihaw na Manok, the leg part priced at P97.00 offered with unlimited rice and ice tea. That was value for the money, I said to myself. While others can only offer unlimited rice, diners at Pinoy Master Grill can also have their drink at roughly the same price. We were also served Dinuguan and Pritong Liempo.

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Inihaw na Manok at Pinoy Master Grill Lagro Quezon City

I enjoyed Dinuguan with it’s somewhat creamy taste. I also loved Pritong Liempo for that distinct taste that you only get with home-cooked meals. I was surprised to have a crispy chicken skin in my Inihaw na Manok. Underneath is the tender chicken meat. Unfortunately, the taste is just the average. I was looking forward to getting more from it, primarily because I love chicken. In addition, this is one meal that the restaurant is hoping to offer as their primary contender to other restaurants.

One of the owners of Pinoy Master Grill Lagro Quezon City

When I was approached by one of the owners to ask about my feedback, I was truthful about it, and I will stay the same here. The fact that he was asking for comment means he’s very open to feedback. I see him as a hands-on businessman, and that alone means that this will eventually be fixed. I hope that they could offer the same quality of food that is at par with the other branch, just as a fellow blogger experienced herself. From the dishes that I enjoyed and the passion that the owner demonstrated, Pinoy Master Grill is a strong contender in the Filipino fastfood scene. And the good thing about it is, the restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes that customers can choose from. Check them out after the jump.

I sure wish I had the chance to taste their Sinigang and other dishes. Get updates from their Pinoy Master Grill on Facebook and Twitter.

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