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Gourmet sandwiches are usually found in restaurants with a hefty price tag. But with the quality of bread and filling, not to mention the taste, I would end up having them because I know I will be satisfied. There’s one restaurant offering a wide range of gourmet sandwiches at Glorietta. Unfortunately, I no longer see them at their original location. As a matter of fact, I no longer see them in places I’ve been to. Too bad because the food are really delicious. Then came The Sandwich Guy, which I noticed in an open space at SM Megamall. I have been planning to give it a try, but the very open ambiance discourages me. But one Sunday of October, after going to an event at SM The Block, I was so hungry that I found myself ordering food at TSG.

The Sandwich Guy at SM The Block

The place at SM The Block is relatively bigger than the ones I’ve seen so far. The ordering and cashier station is flanked by seats in cubicle form which somehow gives customers a sense of privacy despite the open restaurant setup. I like it better here. I proceeded to order — Ultimate Roastbeef (P120), Chili Con Carne Baked Potato (P90), Spaghetti La Tomato (P85) and a bottled red tea drink (P40), all for a total of only P335! I would have wanted the TSG Bigtime (P150), but for some reason, I cannot. 🙁

The Menu - The Sandwich Guy - SM The Block

Contemplating on the menu and the pricing, I can say that this is the most affordable gourmet sandwich one can get in the metro. Looking back when I eat at my favorite gourmet sandwich joint, I would pay close or even more than P500. I waited with anticipation, wondering how my food will compare. The Sandwich Guy boasts of making its own whole wheat bread. That’s one of the things that i look forward to. Having attended some foodie orientation, I learned that most of the wheat bread in the country are not really wheat bread but rather white bread mixed with some wheat. That means you don’t really get what you pay for, plus it defeats the purpose of eating healthy. I also encountered some wheat bread with the taste and feel of a cardboard. Blech! 😛

My Order at The Sandwich Guy - SM The Block

The waiting did not take long as my food arrived just in time. The Spaghetti La Tomato, topped with strips of cheese and the Chili Con Carne Baked Potato came in reusable microwavable plastic containers. Hungry as I am, I started digging alternately on both. The spaghetti was “just okay” for me not that it’s not good but the fact that it tasted very Filipino. I was hoping for a more Italian flavor with a stronger taste of the tomatoes, especially because the food highlighted the ingredient. Also, the noodles are no longer firm, which I think is largely due to the fact that these ingredients are more like prepared in advance. I enjoyed the baked potato a lot, and it somehow compensated for the flavor that I was looking for in my pasta. It was my first time to have baby potatoes for this kind of dish, and it’s more convenient to eat. The tomato sauce that was generously poured over it is good.

Spaghetti La Tomato and Chili Con Carne Baked Potato at The Sandwich GuyThen I shifted my focus to devour my Ultimate Roastbeef Sandwich in hexagonal shaped whole wheat bread…


Forgive me for my crappy photo as I only used my phone camera, but as you can see, the sandwich was grilled and the filling consisting of tender roast beef slices, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese that oozes out is just what I am craving for in a gourmet sandwich. The bread is soft and does not taste like a cardboard at all. My meal at The Sandwich Guy is very satisfying, I went home smiling. I will definitely go back and try the other food. That TSG Bigtime won’t escape next time. 😀

It’s a good thing that The Sandwich Guy is growing. Recently, I learned that it opened at SM Southmall, SM Manila and SM Batangas. The Sandwich Guy is going places, cool! So if you’re in the mood for healthy gourmet food without the hefty price tag, head over to the nearest TSG branch nearest you.


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  1. for people who are on a diet or on a healthy lifestyle the sandwich guy is the best place to satisfy your hunger without any guilt

  2. The Sandwich Guy is joining Perxclub! Get rewards when u collect enough stamps for as low as Php100 per stamp! Download Perxclub for FREE in the App Store and Play Store to access The Sandwich Guy loyalty card. Get a FREE Pepsi Drink on your FIRST stamp! Instant win-win! 🙂

  3. I so love The Sandwich Guy and I look forward to their upcoming branches! (hope there’s one nearer to our house other than Eastwood) People should really try this!

  4. Sandwich, mukhang masarap nga dyan .i will definitely give it a try. My kids are sandwich /burger eater, typical Am boys ,so they’ll gonna like it

  5. This is my go to place at SM North if I don’t feel like eating anything heavy like a rice or pasta meal. I usually just order tuna or the grilled chicken sandwich. I wish there’d be more gourmet sandwich shops in QC, not just burger joints.

  6. I would have tried the baked potato if it was available when I visited them in SM The Block. This place is relaly making its name now. Good food and affordable too.

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