Pure Milk Tea Pleasure – SIP Milk Tea’s Caramel Mesteazo

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Last week, I shared my recent chilled drink discovery — Cheesecake Tea by SIP Milk Tea. I was so in love with this concoction that when I learned they also have a branch at Robinson’s Galleria, I searched the entire mall to buy me a drink when I went to the mall this week. I thought I will be disappointed because I can’t seem to find the place. I was so glad to find this milk tea shop at the 2nd floor near the escalator. I went in and ordered one of their signature drinks – the Caramel Mesteazo with Coffee Jelly topper.

SIP Milk Tea Caramel MesteazoA play of words, SIP Milk Tea‘s Mesteazo drink is a blend of green milk tea and flavored black tea. Basing it from the Caramel Mesteazo that I ordered, the lower half part of the drink is the black tea flavored with caramel while the upper half is the green milk tea. That’s why it’s called Mestizo like a half-blodded Filipino and a half-blodded Chinese like me. Yes, I am Mestizo!  😉

The crew who handed my drink at the bar gave me instruction on how to drink it – from bottom, up. Now this is a totally opposite experience from the Cheesecake Milk Tea where I was told to drink the top first. Of course you can drink it anyway you want. I’m sure you can drink it from top to bottom. it can be shaken, but what’s the point of having a Mesteazo? I willingly followed the instruction, and boy was it a cool milk tea drinking experience! The sweetness of the caramel milk tea is just right, it did not lose the body of the tea. Then I got a different experience as i sip on the green milk tea. I would say it’s naturally sweet, yet the tea flavor is more evident. The chewy Coffee Jelly topper complemented the drink as I sip on my Mesteazo.

Busy Staff at Sip Milk Tea Robinsons Galleria

In all honesty, I’m not a fan of caramel drinks, but SIP Milk Tea‘s offering changed that. The caramel flavor is very evident which is a good thing. Apparently, this tea shop make their own caramel from real sugar and that’s what’s mixed on the black tea. It’s all natural! And I can attest to that because when I was at their New Farmers Plaza branch, I saw the mixture being poured over the drink. And I saw the same thing being done at the Robinsons Galleria branch.

SIP Milk Tea’s Caramel Mesteazo is a pure milk tea pleasure. It’s really good, and my tea drinking experience was made even pleasurable with every bite of their Honeycomb Waffle. Yep, this street food favorite from Hong Kong is finally in the Philippines courtesy of SIP. It’s chewy, soft and crispy at the same time. How can that be? Taste it to believe! 🙂

Sip Milk Tea Galleria.30-001


The SIP Milk Tea at Robinsons Galleria is a perfect place to hang out when you’re inside the mall. It’s not crowded, and they managed to make the place hip even if it’s situated in an open area. I love the seats too! There’s one where you can actually rock. Sip Milk Tea Galleria

Sip on SIP Milk Tea’s Caramel Mesteazo and experience pure milk tea pleasure. This signature drink is also available in mango, strawberry and lychee.


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