Traveling safely and wisely with UnionBank CEG GetGo Debit Card

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Traveling in the New NormalTraveling safely should be on top of our minds when thinking about having a vacation. If you’re like me, I’ve been missing travel a lot. It’s a good thing that the relaxed quarantine restrictions have given us more room to navigate through the new normal.

Travel bans are slowly being lifted but there is still a great need to stay careful, take precautions, and follow protocols. For now, I am still wary. But considering the situation, here are some tips for traveling in the new normal.

Travel by land

Ready for a road trip? This is something that I will likely take on should I decide to travel. Here are some things you’ll need to know:

Road Trip in Ilocos Norte

    1. Consider the size of your car
      The IATF ruling on passengers states that a privately-owned car can seat one passenger in the front and two passengers per row of front-facing seats. This means that if you and your barkada want to travel together, you may need a car with a bigger capacity.
    2. Always wear your face mask and face shield
      Yes, that means while riding the vehicle too! If you are carrying other passengers in the car, you still need to wear your face mask. However, if this is a solo trip, wearing a face mask is only mandatory when you open your windows. Plenty of establishments require you to wear a face shield too since this is considered to be part of basic protocols.
    3. Find out destination protocols
      Some cities and baranggays may have requirements for visitors. Make sure you know what to bring. Check for swab test or quarantine requirements that they may ask for.
    4. Have a well-planned itinerary
      Some locations may have strict operating hours or curfew. It is best to plan your trips so that you can maximize your vacations!
    5. Use your CEB GetGo Debit Card for expenses
      Whether you’re buying some road trip snacks, gas, or paying for your restaurant bills, use your CEB GetGo Debit Card for cashless payments. This mode of payment is highly recommended nowadays to minimize contact. You’ll be traveling safely this way.UBP GetGo Debit CardPlus, you earn points, too! Earn a GetGo point for every Php 100 spend and redeem for a flight to your dream destination. This is a good way to #FlyForFreeFaster

Travel by plane

Traveling safely by planeAs airports slowly open, we can now experience safe traveling in the new normal. This is coupled with guidelines and procedures to ensure safety for all passengers and employees involved. It may take some time for me to travel abroad, but here are some points to look into so you travel safely by plane.

  1. Check which airports are open
    Visit your airline’s website to see where you can fly.
  2. Find exclusive deals via the GetGo Mobile App
    Even without the Piso Sale, you’ll find good deals from the app. I should know because all of my flights are at a discount whenever I fly. And then there’s the CEB GetGo Debit Card where you can accumulate GetGo points that you can use to score travel deals from flights.GetGo AppChoose from our various selections of merchants for hotels, retail, food, wellness, etc. Earn more points and #FlyForFreeFaster! Check your account and visit GoPlaces.
  3. Earn GetGo Points through Cebu Pacific flights
    Earn 1 GetGo point for every Php 10 spend when you use your CEB GetGo Debit Card on your Cebu Pacific flights. Book your flights wisely!
  4. Fill up the necessary travel documents
    Each city has different document requirements to ensure safety. Visit and find out what you’ll need to prepare when you go to the destination of your choice.
  5. Be prepared to take a swab test
    Depending on the barangay and city you are coming to and from, you may need to take a swab test. Each location is different so it is important to research these beforehand.
  6. Check for quarantine requirements
    Certain destinations may require a quarantine period. To schedule your trip, find out if you need to set aside some days for quarantine and make sure to book your hotel accommodation in advance if needed.
  7. Read departure protocols
    Wearing a face mask and face shield is necessary from your departure from the airport until you arrive at your destination. There are also other safety measures you need to brush up on such as checking in early and the various contactless procedures before and after you fly.Traveling Safely with Face Mask Face Shield Rubbing Alcohol

Travel restrictions have eased but being a responsible traveler is a must. Take note of these safety precautions so that you’re traveling safely and wisely. You don’t want to regret the things you do in the end. After all, our travels should only have good memories.

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