Have a Cake and Sip it Too – SIP Cheesecake Tea

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Long line at Sip Milk Tea New Farmers PlazaNope, I did not make a mistake. I am aware of the idiomatic expression “Have one’s cake and eat it too” but that’s not what I mean. I’m referring to my latest drink discovery — Cheesecake Tea by SIP Milk Tea. I happen to be at this new tea shop at the 3rd floor of New Farmer’s Plaza in Cubao, Quezon City. The place is quite spacious unlike other stores offering similar drinks. And the line at the order counter is quite long. One that really stood out for me was the Cheesecake Tea and ordered one in mango variety.

Posters - SIP Milk Tea New Farmers Plaza
That Cheesecake Tea Poster was telling me, “order me, order me!”

Busy Kitchen at Sip Milk Tea New Farmers PlazaAs I waited at the seating area, I can’t help but notice how busy their staff are, working on the orders. I love the fact that their kitchen area is open for everyone to see. I also love their interior – clean white walls, blue accents and yellow chairs. It’s looks modern and welcoming, not too flashy. Then one of the staff called out my order.

I’m excited to taste this totally new concoction. I’ve been to various milk tea shops and none of them has this offering. I love cheesecakes, and from time to time I do have a cup of tea when having my dessert. Now, this is a totally new experience. SIP Milk Tea claims that they basically placed a liquid cheesecake on top of the tea and that it really taste like the real thing. I went back to my seat after claiming my Mango Cheesecake Tea.Creamy Cheesecake Tea - Sip Milk Tea New Farmers Plaza

Seating Area - SIP Milk Tea New Farmers Plaza
Nice modern interior

Aside from the thick floating cream on top, everything looked normal to me. I was told to sip on the top first, and so I did. The verdict? Yes, you can have your cake and sip it too! It’s creamy, with a little tartness and it feels like I’m eating my favorite cheesecake. But the goodness doesn’t stop there. The flavored tea is equally good! I’ve had flavored tea before and from experience, the experience is not really good as the real tea character is overpowered by flavoring. SIP’s version is just right; it’s sweet, refreshing and yet it still has the body that I get when drinking hot tea.

I learned that SIP Milk Tea uses full leaf orange pekoe tea imported from India and China. Apparently, that’s the best tea leaf to use for this kind of beverages because it is sweet and slightly floral. Also, all teas at SIP Milk Tea are steeped, not brewed. The process submerges the tea leaves in hot water for a long period of time, allowing the tea to release more of its flavor and aroma. I think this process helped in complementing the liquid cheesecake. Checking out their website will give you a better idea of how they do things.

Sip Milk Tea New Farmers PlazaI will definitely be back at SIP Milk Tea to have my cake and sip it too! Of course, I would like to try their other beverages. It’s a good thing they have a branch in Cubao, an area I often frequent whenever I take the MRT or the bus along EDSA. I’m happy to discover this place and I’m sure you will be too, once you try their Cheesecake Tea. Connect with SIP on Facebook and Twitter for more updates like promos.

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