Protect Your Eyes, Get Your Peculiar Eyewear on Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale

These days, I’m sure you find yourself spending more time in front of your computer. Whether you’re a gamer, a student, or a working professional. Make sure you protect your eyes with Peculiar Eyewear.

Peculiar Eyewear are UV400 eyeglasses equipped with BlueShield and Safe Shield technology. Wearing these glasses means protecting your eyes from harmful light, especially the ones coming from computer screens, smartphones, and tablets which happens to be our constant companions these days.

If you have a good eyesight, or even if you’re already wearing glasses, you should be concerned about your eyes. Having eyeglasses that protects you from UV light and blue light is a step to caring for your eyes. These lights not only causes degeneration of your eyes, it also affects your ability to sleep.

But why buy Peculiar Eyewear instead of other brands. It partnered with eye doctors from The EyeMD Ophthalmology Clinic, which means it’s approved by the expert. These eyewear are also trusted by multiple celebrities, influencers, online gamers, streamers, and. bloggers – people who use the computer a lot of times.

Wearing my Peculiar Eyewear Clubhouse style
Wearing my Peculiar Eyewear Clubhouse style

I already have my pair of Peculiar Eyewear Clubmaster design but I have plans of replacing the lenses to match the grade of my eyes. And because these glasses are practically priced I’m buying another one. You’ll find different styles that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. They’re very affordable. I have set my eyes on the ALEX design for sale for only Php449 from it’s original price of Php2,395. That’s a huge savings!

Peculiar Eyewear ALEX Eyeglass on ShopeeSizing and variationAnd I like that there are variants to choose from according to your style and personality.

Peculiar Anti-Fog Cleaner
Anti-Fog Cleaner


Peculiar Eyewear is also very much in touch with what’s happening nowadays. One of my issues wearing my eyeglasses is that it fogs right away coming from an airconditioned room and going out in the sun. This experience has been exagerrated with wearing facemask. The glasses gets foggy when breathing.Peculiar Anti-fog cleaner on Shopee

Now that won’t be a problem anymore with Peculiar Anti-Fog “SPRAY-TAP-DRY” Fog Free Vision 100ML, Lens Cleaner

And if you’re the type who would easily misplace your eyeglasses, the Peculiar ATHENA Fashion Chain Necklace is ideal for you. From personal experience, one of the reasons I lost some of my eyeglasses is because I misplace them or forgot to pick them up when I remove them.ATHENA Fashion Chain Necklace in usePeculiar Eyewear Fashion Necklace on Shopee I was in denial about this and wouldn’t get a necklace for eyeglasses. Now I know it’s time.

Huge discounts from Peculiar Eyewear on Shopee's 12.12 Big Christmas SaleVisit the official Shopee store and grab your eyeglasses and eyewear kit. You have until December 15 to take advantage of great deals from Peculiar such as discounts and shop vouchers through Shopee 12.12 Big Christmas Sale. Don’t miss it and make a purchase now!

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  1. Yay must have po talaga nito para protected yung eyes natin sa radiation lalo na madalas nakaharap tayo sa gadgets. Thank you for sharing.

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