SureTayo App for Online Selling On-the-Go

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Nikki Valdez is a SureTayo Merchant
Nikki Valdez is a SureTayo Merchant, selling her Miss Buttercream cakes online

Dragonpay Corporation launched SureTayo App allowing online sellers to facilitate and manage customer payments on-the-go. Enterprising Filipinos no longer need to be glued on their desks in front of their computers to make this happen. The app also helps in avoiding of having to ask customers to wait just because the seller is mobile and don’t have access to a computer.

Launched in 2018, SureTayo is a payment solution that makes every transaction convenient and safe. By becoming a third-party, SureTayo receives the payment from the buyer and once the item was delivered and received, SureTayo releases the payment to the seller. And to make it more convenient, SureTayo also utilizes Dragonpay‘s popular alternative payment channels. No need to worry about fraud and scammers!

SureTayo saw the growing need of the customers today especially those who rely their businesses on mobile phones. In response, SureTayo has recently launched their very own SureTayo smartphone app.

Dragonpay Founder and CTO Dick Chiang Robertson Chiang
Dragonpay Founder and CTO Dick Chiang Robertson Chiang

The mobile app is designed to cope with the demands of every transaction giving the sellers an opportunity to easily facilitate and manage customer payments. SureTayo App’s Ul is straightforward, has no complicated processes, and provides the customers what they exactly need.

The app features six (6) main tools to help the customer’s needs:SureTayo App Overview

PROFILE For first timers, there is no need to register on PC or laptops because registration can now be done through the app. On the main app dashboard, the profile button contains the seller’s information and link that they can share to their customers to place orders.

ORDER The sellers can now create invoice through the app! Just click the Order button, fiII-up the transaction details and voila! The invoice will be automatically sent to the buyer via SMS, email or other messaging apps. The buyer will receive a message containing the link that he/ she can use to pay via Dragonpay payment channels.

TRANSACTIONS Once the payment has been settled by the buyer, the seller will be notified through the Transaction button. This button also allows you to check the status of your transactions from paying to shipping!

PAYOUT Want to check the total earnings? Payout button helps the seller to see his/ her total earnings for the week and when it will be received to his/ her registered bank account.

FAQ You have questions? FAQ button can help! It contains several answers to basic questions or even the technical ones.

REWARDS Stay tuned for exciting promos and special offers that will appear in the Rewards button.

“We created SureTayo with the promise of making the seller-buyer transactions convenient, fast and easy, and I am proud to say that we were able to do it. While we achieved this feat, we In Dragonpay never stopped innovating. We developed the SureTayo app to ensure that we adapt to the needs of our clients,” said Robertsons ”Dick” Chiang, the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dragonpav Corporation.

When I learned about SureTayo last year, I said this makes online shopping more secure and convenient. Having an app is even better. I remember being an online seller back in 2008 when smartphones were on early stages and not that popular in the Philippines. I had to go back and forth with my customers, providing them details on how to pay for the item including my bank details.

Online selling while watching TV
Online selling while watching TV

When I’m in transit or don’t have access to my computer, I can’t provide additional information that they require because I don’t have it memorized and will have to go online to pull the needed information. All that is now addressed by SureTayo App. To know more about SureTayo, visit or follow /SureTayoPH on Facebook. You can also download the SureTayo app in the App Store and Google Play.

Imagine facilitating payments to customers while traveling
Imagine facilitating payments to customers while traveling with SureTayo App

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