Nokia C30 and Nokia 6310 – Phones to #LoveTrustKeep

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As Filipinos rely on technology to cope with the demands of modern times, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, further expands its ever-growing range of phones with two new devices that fans can love, trust and keep for longer: The new Nokia C30 from the popular C-series comes with the largest battery capacity and biggest screen yet on a Nokia smartphone whilst the reimagined  Nokia 6310 follows the revitalisation of much-loved classic Nokia phones for modern needs.

Grab it first on Lazada! The Nokia C30 can be pre-ordered from October 11 to 17 and the Nokia 6310 can be purchased starting October 8 exclusively LazMall, and will both be available in all Nokia mobile authorised online and retail stores nationwide on October 18.

  • The Nokia C30 boasts a huge 6.82-inch HD+ display supported by a large-capacity 6,000mAh battery that can last up to three days on a single charge. Fans can also capture their best moments in picture-perfect quality with the impressive 13MP dual cameras. The Nokia C30 can be purchased for Php6,690 and customers can get Php100 off when they use NOKIAC30OFF voucher code on pre-order dates only.
  • The Nokia 6310 is the newest member of the Originals family that brings connectivity and accessibility features in the renowned Nordic build quality. Featuring the original and iconic silhouette of the Nokia 6310. This revamped model comes with a 2.8-inch screen, accessibility features, long battery life, built-to-last tough body and the 90s classic game, Snake! All these at Php2,490.

Sancho Chak, General Manager for Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand, HMD Global:

“Customers are calling for tougher and more dependable devices that last for longer. The flagship of our C-series, the Nokia C30, is a shining example of what this smartphone range stands for – bringing the best possible smartphone quality at an introductory price point. The Nokia C30 offers Filipinos more time between charges, more screen real estate, and our signature security and durability. The love it, trust it, keep it philosophy materialised in one device.

As we continue catering to the demand for classic phones in the Philippines, HMD Global highlights the role feature phones play in our daily lives. This is where the reimagined Nokia 6310 comes in — whether a feature phone is one’s go-to device or a secondary handset, the Nokia 6310 is made with long-lasting battery and iconic durability that will keep you connected for longer.”

No to small screens, yes to multi-day battery life with the Nokia C30

  • Love it: Battery life of up to three days, quality imaging and Nokia mobile’s biggest screen yet
  • Trust it: Security updates that will protect your data for at least two years
  • Keep it: Sturdy device that’s tougher than the industry average and has passed durability tests

Nokia C30The Nokia C30’s huge 6.82-inch HD+ display delivers on what fans have been asking for – screen between 6 and 7 inches. Users working or studying from home can navigate online meetings and presentations with ease with the Nokia C30. They can do some well-earned catching up on their favourite series after work or school as well, all thanks to the Nokia C30’s massive display, the biggest Nokia screen yet.

Hardworking individuals require a battery that can keep up. The Nokia C30’s supersized 6000mAh battery does just that, giving users enough energy for up to three days on a single charge. You can upskill, stream and connect to those that matter most worry free.

Love the camera

Make treasured moments last a lifetime with the Nokia C30’s 13MP dual cameras – the highest resolution on a Nokia C-series device yet.

The added 2MP depth sensor gives portraits an amazing and authentic quality — perfect for the aesthetic users look for.

Safety first with industry-leading and trusted security

Like the rest of the C-series family, the Nokia C30 comes with a promise of quarterly security updates for two years. Users can trust that their files and data will always be guarded. Plus, the Nokia C30 has fingerprint and face unlock features for added protection.

Nokia 6310: The icon has returned

  • Love it: Classic retro features with a redesigned curved screen for more clarity
  • Trust it: All-new zoomed in menus for simpler and easier-to-use functionality 
  • Keep it: Polycarbonate shell that is strong enough to take on modern everyday life

Nokia 6310Blending 2000s nostalgia with modern-day essentials, the Nokia 6310 is refreshed and reinvented to make screen time more effortless and enjoyable than before. With larger push buttons and a spacious display, users can now read messages, connect with loved ones or find desired apps with ease and speed. 

Entertainment and games are also now more fun with the Nokia 6310. Fans can listen to their favourite news channels, sports games or music stations on the go with its reliable connectivity, or even play an intense classic game of the classic Snake! Make the most of your free time with the Nokia 6310, whether it’s catching up with friends or relaxing after a long day with an ebook or a new movie.

A familiar phone with features to trust

With the new and advanced zoomed in menus and larger font options, the Nokia 6310 ends the days of squinting at the phone for a much clearer screen view.

This original-style Nokia phone has become even more convenient with the Accessibility mode. This functionality can automatically configure the view of the device to one icon at a time, enlarge the font for improved readability and maximise the volume so users never miss an important call. With its smooth setup, the Nokia 6310 is easily a compact and convenient-to-use handset for your daily partner.

Tough enough to keep for longer 

The Nokia 6310 has dependability embedded at its core with a battery life that lasts for weeks between charges, so you worry less about running out of power. 

This handy feature phone comes with stylish and modern metallic accents, redesigned and refreshed for a better experience. Keeping with the retro history of the device, the Nokia 6310 comes in a handful of fresh and bold colour variants, made with a tough polycarbonate shell strong enough to take on the knocks and bumps of everyday life. 

Hurry! Grab the all-new Nokia C30 and Nokia 6310 at Nokia mobile official Lazada store:

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  1. Trusted Phones for a decade. A familiar phone with features to trust and the best durability and affordable.
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