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GMA ONE ONLINE EXCLUSIVES with Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, and Joseph Morong

New Shows with Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, and Joseph Morong

GMA ONE (Online Exclusives) featuring Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, and Joseph MorongGMA Network kicks off 2018 with GMA ONE Online Exclusives featuring Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, and Joseph Morong. Starting January 1, everyone will be able to watch three shows online via GMA’s Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/gmanetwork). If you’re the type who love watching shows online, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these shows.

There’s “Adulting with Atom Araullo,” “#Goals with Gabbi Garcia,” and “Fact or Fake with Joseph Morong.” Although primarily geared towards the millenials, netizens from all walks of life will find the shows entertaining and informative. You won’t be bored as each episode is short and sweet.GMA ONE Shows - Adulting by Atom, #Goals by Gabbi, and Fact or Fake by Joseph

In “Adulting with Atom Araullo”, the new GMA Public Affairs host joins millennials in their journey towards adulthood. Atom gives netizens a peek at his everyday struggles as he faces the responsibilities of being on his own, and living on a budget. And yes, Atom also shares tips on love: how does one go through courtship and online dating?

Adulting by Atom Araullo

Adulting with Atom Araullo

“We hope to talk about the different challenges we face as we enter the adult world,” says Atom in an interview. “Nobody teaches us these kinds of things. Sometimes we’re lucky to have friends or family to help us get into it painlessly but for the most part, nangangapa tayo sa ganiyan. Everything from finding your own place, budgeting your money, making career decisions, personal relationships, or taxes, things like these. I feel like a lot of people can relate to these challenges,” he added.

Meanwhile, get inspired by Millennial It Girl Gabbi Garcia’s videos as she shares her personal objectives in “#Goals with Gabbi Garcia”. A show that will definitely tickle the fancy of the kikays out there, “#Goals with Gabbi Garcia” sees Gabbi exploring her goals in beauty, style, makeup, travel, and music.

Gabbi Garcia talks about her latest show on GMA ONE

#Goals with Gabbi Garcia

“We’re in a new age now where millennials appreciate digital content, they’re really into social media,” says Gabbi. “The show is very relatable to the youth because in #Goals, we will talk about makeup tutorials, new trends, how a typical teenager lives her life”.

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Kapuso reporter Joseph Morong, on the other hand, debunks false news items in “Fact or Fake with Joseph Morong”. As more news sources are available online, Joseph will try to help millennials spot fake news.

Joseph Morong talks about fake news on his new show

Fact or Fake with Joseph

“Fact or Fake’ goes back to one of the tenets of journalism which is fact-checking,” Joseph explains. “In the program, we’re going to define what fake news is as opposed to mistakes, misinformation, and disinformation. Bottom line is, we want to emphasize that in our society where there’s an overflow of information, it is important to be discerning.”

Don’t miss GMA ONE Online Exclusives: “Adulting with Atom Araullo”, “#Goals with Gabbi Garcia”, and “Fact or Fake with Joseph Morong” starting January 1, via GMA Network’s official YouTube account (www.youtube.com/gmanetwork) with new episodes uploaded every Monday at 5 p.m.

GMA ONE PressconIt’s good to see GMA Network bringing quality shows online. In this day and age, videos on social media are gaining ground as a form of entertainment. It’s perfect for those who are stuck in traffic. With the new shows featuring Atom Araullo, Gabbi Garcia, and Joseph Morong, you’re bound to pick up something worth your while.

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