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GMA ONE - Online Exclusives Bloggers' ConferenceAfter successfully launching new digital shows early this year, there’s a new batch of GMA Network online shows that you’ll get to enjoy again. These are All Access, Thousanaire, Taste MNL, and The Boobay and Tekla Show, and they’re already available for streaming on and GMA’s Youtube channel (

During the GMA Online Exclusive blogcon, we got to know the hosts of All Access, Thousanaire, and Taste MNL a little better. We also had the chance to watch some of the episodes of their shows. All I can say is that through the new batch of GMA Network online shows, the media company is doing a great job in giving every Filipino the kind of entertainment that we need.

Joyce Pring hosts All Access
TV/radio host and vlogger Joyce Pring

Take sought-after TV/radio host and vlogger Joyce Pring’s All Access for example. She takes viewers with her to raid sets of various GMA programs. Viewers gets an up close and exclusive look at what exactly goes on behind-the-scenes of featured shows. You will also certainly be entertained as the stars of that program undergo different challenges, debates, and tutorials with a showbiz spin.

Through All Access, the audience is brought closer to their favorite actors and actresses. I’ve seen Joyce hosting several events that I’ve covered as a blogger and she definitely has the skills. Watching her on All Access makes me feel like I’m watching an entertainment show in Hollywood. Joyce can definitely hold her own on this show which, as she said during the blogcon, she would like to focus on.GMA ONE - All Access

Reese Tuazon hosting Thousanaire
Businesswoman Reese Tuazon hosts Thousanaire

If you’re the kind who enjoy watching shows about lifestyle, then Thousanaire and Taste MNL are for you. You’re in for a treat as Reese Tuazon shares how to get the most out of a Php1,000 budget in each episode of Thousanaire. From showcasing various challenges like coming up with a stylish summer outfit, to DIY home decors, and picking romantic restaurants perfect for dates—Reese will get it done all within a Thousand Pesos.

Viewers can also expect special guests to join Reese in her Thousanaire quest. At the end of each episode, a breakdown of the expenses will be shown to prove how well Reese scored the most bang for their thousand bucks! This show will definitely click for the practical millenials.

Reese is actually one of the newest Kapuso artist. Prior to joining showbiz, she’s managing her own business which is still an ongoing commitment. I guess this is were she’s able to put her money sensibility in every challenge thrown at her in her digital show, Thousanaire. She will soon be seen on TV as she hinted that GMA has projects for her to work on.GMA ONE - Tousanaire

Arra San Agustin hosts Taste MNL
Bubble Gang’s Arra San Agustin wants to try everything

The foodies out there will definitely enjoy Taste MNL with StarStruck alumna and Bubble Gang cast member Arra San Agustin. A spin-off from Taste Buddies on GMA NewsTV, Arra goes around the metro on a gastronomic adventure to find the most popular and buzzed-about restaurants.

Arra will eat her way through each menu’s must-tries and best-sellers to let people in on what they should order. Expect her to give you an honest feedback about the food that she eats, which is what I like. In some of the Taste MNL episodes, Arra will ask fellow customers to give 3 reasons why they would recommend the episode’s featured restaurant.GMA ONE - Taste MNL

The Boobay and Tekla Show is an online comedy program with comedians Boobay and Tekla. The comedy duo are seen doing interviews with interesting personalities and engage in discussions about pop culture. It’s a wide range of topics including movies, cyber culture, showbiz, current events, and more.

GMA ONE - The Boobay and Tekla ShowI enjoy watching them on GMA shows; seeing them together is even more enjoyable.  They really have the talent. You’ll definitely laugh out loud! Too bad they weren’t able to make it during the GMA Network online shows’ blogcon.

The hosts of GMA Network online shows - Reese, Arra, and JoyceYou’ll find the kind of entertainment that you’re looking for in one of these GMA Network online shows. For laughs and antics, tune in to The Boobay and Tekla show with new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday at 5PM. For backstage pass on GMA shows, join Joyce in All Access every Wednesday at 5PM. To discover how you can make the most out of that thousand peso bill, watch Reese on Thousanaire every Friday beginning March 2 at 5PM. And if you’re a foodie like me, let’s explore and delight in the Metro’s delectable food scene with Arra in Taste MNL every Saturday beginning March 3 at 5PM.

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