Radius Telecoms’ RED Fiber is Now the “Broadband of Choices”

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Radius Telecoms’ RED Fiber, the newest internet service provider in the Philippines positions itself as the ‘broadband of choices.’ Radius Telecoms is a 100% subsidiary of MERALCO. Launched last November 2020 in response to the clamor for better internet service in the country, the new entrant to the ISP market has proven to be a game changer.

RED Fiber, the broadband that gives you more choices, maintains its progressive approach as the “Broadband of Choices” in Greater Metro Manila, CALABARZON, and parts of Central Luzon. Radius Telecoms forged a partnership with Cignal TV, the #1 payTV provider, to launch dual-play plans, giving consumers unlimited fiber internet, plus awesome premium channels.

The plans starts at P1,699 per month inclusive of a 20Mbps connection bundled with IPTV from Cignal TV. For a limited time, customers may avail of its introductory offer of a total of three-months free monthly service fee with the option to double the bandwidth for 30 days and get the highest TV plan free also for the first three months.

RED Fiber PlansWondering why you haven’t heard about RED Fiber? Radius Telecoms President and CEO Exequiel Delgado says, “Certain areas are implementing granular lockdowns brought about by this global health crisis. Having a grand product launch doesn’t feel right at the moment. But at the same time, we want to continue creating ways to serve our customers safely and efficiently. That is why we launched RED Fiber online—to provide ease of transaction for our customers.”

Radius Telecoms’ superior internet network ensures 90% service reliability and 33% minimum speed for their fiber internet home plans. This kind of service level commitment was previously limited to business customers.

“It is high time for internet home users to get acquainted with a broadband provider that commits a service level agreement (SLA). At RED Fiber, we will work hard to deliver this SLA consistently,” Delgado says.

Being a market newbie has not deterred RED Fiber from living up to its promise to provide fast, reliable, and affordable internet service and entertainment.

The online portal facilitates the speedy processing of new subscriber applications. Customers can check the availability of RED Fiber’s service in any residential area. Upon approval of the application, the fiber internet service can be installed within 48 hours.

“Prospective customers will need to prepare soft copies of their valid ID and proof of billing, and note their Meralco customer account number for the real time application review. Our 24×7 Customer Care team will then initiate a chat in our portal to update them on the progress of their application,” says Jessica Bragas, Radius Business Unit Head for Consumer and SME segments.

“In case we are not yet available in their location, we still encourage applicants to register their contact information and installation address so they will be notified once their address becomes serviceable by RED Fiber,” Bragas adds.

To learn more about the plans and packages of RED Fiber, please visit their customer portal at You can also call their 24/7 Customer Care Hotline at (02) 8256-2888.

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