Early Christmas Shopping at SM City Manila 3-Day Sale

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It’s officially Christmastime today, September 1st. One can already hear Christmas songs being played on the radio, and that made me cringe, wanting to stop the time. But that’s not possible, so I had to face the reality. That suddenly reminded me of Christmas shopping. Knowing that SM City Manila started their 3-Day Sale yesterday, Aug. 31st, prompted me to explore the mall and check out what I can buy. It’s a good thing the sale event happened on a payday.

SM City Manila 3-Day Sale


Braving the weekend traffic, I arrived the mall lunchtime. The place is already buzzing with shoppers. Merchandise on sale greeted me as I entered the mall.

Clothes on Sale - SM City Manila 3-Day Sale


I went straight to the SM Department Store knowing that I’ll find great bargains just like what I usually get. I was not disappointed, seeing tees, polo shirts and button-down shirts on sale. T-shirts for P250 instead of P500, piqued and button-down shirts also at 50% off. These are perfect for male friends and relatives.

I also checked out the Men’s Accessories section and found interesting watches, shades and leather goods.

Lastly, I went to the Second Floor and chanced upon these shoes at 50% off!

Shoes on Sale - SM City Manila 3-Day Sale

Before making a purchase decision, I went to Chatime for some refreshment and to make a shopping list.

Chatime at SM City Manila

Then I proceeded to check out the rest of the shops at SM City Manila for more items to buy.

It was quite challenging to move around the mall because there are so many shoppers. I decided to go back inside the department store to do my shopping. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose what those stuff are and how much they cost. All I can say is that I was able to cross out names on my shopping list. I’m so happy I made a decision to do my early Christmas shopping at the 3 Day Sale of SM City Manila. I wish I could go back tomorrow, the last day of the sale.

3-Day Sale at SM City Manila


After shopping, I decided to grab some bite at Kenny Rogers Roasters, then went home.

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