Boy Abunda Calls on Everyone to Make Your Nanay Proud

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Make Your Nanay ProudThe King of Talk, Boy Abunda encourages everyone to do deeds that will make your mothers (and fathers, for that matter) proud as he introduced Make Your Nanay Proud Foundation. Held last February 13th at the Astoria Plaza in Pasig City, it was my first time to meet the popular talk show host and learn about the organization he founded. I am very well aware how the eloquent showbiz personality, fondly called as Tito Boy, love his mother very much. It is something that everyone in the country is aware of. But the information he shared to the press that day as far as putting up MYNP goes beyond his love for his “Nanay.”

Beginning with the End in Mind

Boy Abunda talks about Make Your Nanay Proud

This is a phrase that self-help guru Stephen Covey has popularized and it seemed that it stuck into Boy Abunda’s mindset. Asked why he opted to establish Make Your Nanay Proud when he can simply support other organizations, the brains behind Backroom Artist Management said that he was faced with the question about his legacy, his relevance to this life. While there’s no doubt that Tito Boy is a popular showbiz personality, an intelligent host and a competent manager, for him these are debatable. His search for something more meaningful led to the establishment of the foundation.

Love and devotion to mother

Tito Boy has been told that he is remembered because his love and devotion to his mother. I know this for a fact because I myself is aware of his relationship with his mom which he prefers to call “Nanay” and during the event, he proudly declared “I live my life for my mother.” He believes that a person can be better only if the person will change and the love for a mother can be a driving force for such improvement and this is mirrored in Make Your Nanay Proud’s creed. Indeed, a mother’s love is one of the most powerful transformative forces in the Filipino society.

MNYP executives Carlos Munda and Gasper Gozo
MNYP executives Carlos Munda and Gasper Gozo

Make Your Nanay Proud Projects

MYNP has been involved in several projects for 2013 including providing assistance to the ones affected by Typhoons Pablo and Yolanda. The organization was able to pool its resources together and donate much needed relief goods to the victims, as well as assist in the long term recovery efforts by providing funds for livelihood projects, and building elementary school classrooms in the affected areas. Projects for the first half of 2014 are also on a roll, including the livelihood program for Eastern Samar Yolanda Victims, the MYNP Awards, Bantayog ni Nanay, among others.

As Boy Abunda calls on everyone to make your Nanay proud, my hope that the message of love and devotion to mothers and our very own Motherland resonate throughout the Philippines. This will definitely make a difference in bringing progress to the country.

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