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WeSellIT logoE-Commerce site WeSellIT (or We Sell I-T) sets its focus to meet the IT needs of small and medium enterprises. More often, big companies are the only ones with access to solid support when it comes to information technology. The new e-commerce entrant seeks to change all that, and this is good news.

Desktop and laptop computers, software, printers, and peripherals are some of the IT-related investments that small and mid-sized businesses get into when setting up an office. To be cost-effective, the IT support they get are only limited to the warranty provided for such purchases. Beyond the period, they are left in the dark and struggle when something stops working, such as a laptop suddenly not turning on a few weeks after the warranty expires.

I’ve experienced this myself when I purchased my laptop in one of the popular computer shops in the mall. As an online freelancer, it’s my primary tool at work. When the laptop stopped working, I couldn’t even get the initial support that I need to troubleshoot the issue. In the end, I had to purchase another laptop because I can’t continue doing business without one.

Mr Oliver Co - WeSellIT Project Manager talks about the e-commerce website at the launch
Mr Oliver Co – WeSellIT Project Manager

The launch of is a welcome development for me. Aside from being an engaged marketplace for IT products, the business offers unique IT technical support and software delivery. “What’s special about this is that it is an e-commerce site specifically for IT products and the sellers themselves are certified IT professionals that is why they really have the expertise,” said Oliver Co, Project Manager.

Co further explained that WeSelllT will feature IT support and consultation for products purchased from the brands. To differentiate the business from other e-commerce sites, Co stressed that WeSellIT will also offer electronic software delivery or ESD, where software and product keys are directly delivered to consumers and small businesses via email.

Browsing the WeSellIT e-commerce website

“Nowadays, when customers buy their laptops in an e-commerce site, they still have to buy CD-ROM to install Microsoft Office and such, it is a hassle. will have an ESD by Microsoft. When you buy a laptop or personal computer online, the website will send you an e-mail with the product key for either Microsoft Office, AutoCad or Microsoft Cloud. You don’t have to go to the store personally. You simply click and buy,” Co said.

Customers will experience ease in purchasing online via WeSelllT. Customers can create an account, and have to log-in with a password, select the products to purchase, enter the desired quantity and click ”add to Cart” and review the items in the shopping cart. Click another button to agree with the terms of service and customers can go on and checkout.

WeSellIT is an e-commerce site focusing on IT (Gasoline)

Purchase process also depends on the products customers are buying, some may require additional information to properly process the order. The next step would be to enter the buyer’s shipping address, choose its desired payment method and the last one is to enter the payment details to complete the transaction.

Shipping fee will range from P150 to P350 depending on the delivery address if it falls within standard dimensions of their shipping partners. For odd sizes items, shipping fee will be estimated accordingly. Customers can pay through Visa, Mastercard, DragonPay, Bancnet and even through convenient stores like 7-Eleven.

Various IT Products sold on WeSellIT website

Co revealed that development of the e-commerce site took them almost a year and assured customers the quality and authenticity of the products to be sold on WeSelllT. Co also shared that only accredited resellers of Wordtext Systems, Inc (WSI) will be accepted as sellers. This means that the merchants are companies with solid business relationship with WSI.

Mr Juan Chua - President and CEO of Wordtext Systems Inc
Mr Juan Chua – President and CEO of Wordtext Systems Inc

WSI is an established IT distributor in the Philippines which has been in business since 1982. The company carries IT products by popular brands such as HP, Autodesk, and Samsung, just to name a few. With this in mind, I’d like to believe that WeSellIT customers will receive top-notch product and technical support. The e-commerce site will initially carry 14 brands offering all the best and affordable lT products from around the world.

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