Discover the Iconic PUMA SLIPSTREAM with NCT 127

PUMA, the fastest sports brand in the world, has released the SLIPSTREAM sneaker and unveiled a campaign with its new APAC ambassador, NCT 127.

PUMA SLIPSTREAM Sneaker in Beige
Combining basketball heritage with contemporary streetwear cues and dynamic lines

PUMA’s next-generation sneaker brings ‘80s basketball to the modern day. Without compromising its performance roots, the Slipstream is a court classic reinvented.

PUMA SLIPSTREAM Sneaker in White
PUMA’s Slipstream, born in the ‘80s, celebrated in the 2000s, and reimagined today

35 years after its first release, PUMA pens the latest chapter in the saga of the iconic Slipstream. This summer, the storied Slipstream makes its return in a plethora of colorways and makeups. The sneaker features an undeniably clean and modern look with its silhouette tooling and upper/midsole design.

Some of the NCT127 members wearing the PUMA SLIPSTREAM sneakersThe Slipstream Campaign with NCT127 displays the theme of traveling back in time to the ‘80s when the shoes were first born. The campaign goes for a vintage street concept, featuring graffiti walls, old cars, and street shops that recall the spirit of that time. The eight members of NCT 127 drew attention from fans by showing off their appearances, with the exception of Yuta, who was unable to participate due to self-quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

As part of the campaign activation, PUMA Philippines has prepared an exciting gift-with-purchase for consumers. Exclusive, limited edition NCT 127 photocards will be given to consumers who purchase the new Slipstream sneakers on a first-come, first-serve basis. More information will be shared at a closer date towards the Slipstream release.

NCT127 in photo for PUMA SLIPSTREAM sneakersPUMA announced NCT 127, a Korean K-POP group under SM Entertainment, as its APAC Ambassador on 25 July 2022. NCT 127 will actively participate in fifteen different APAC countries starting with the Slipstream campaign.

Officials from PUMA Korea stated, “The Slipstream is an iconic sneaker that best depicts PUMA’s sports heritage, and we have high expectations for our first campaign with NCT 127 as our APAC ambassador.” They added, “With the reinterpreted modern design, we hope that Slipstream, which is suitable not only for basketball courts but also for lifestyle and street fashions, will be embraced by more and more consumers.”

Two members of NCT127 pose for PUMA SLIPSTREAM SneakersThe new Slipstream will be released on, selected PUMA stores, and ZALORA from Sep 15 onwards.

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