Cool Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer Collection

UNIQLO 20SS Press PreviewThe Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer Collection was recently launched at SM Aura. I have always been a fan of this clothing brand ever since it entered the Philippine retail scene. So I welcomed the opportunity to attend the event.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect because summer is fast approaching in the country. At first glance, I’m already drawn to the clothes. The colors are easy to the eyes against the harsh sunlight. They look comfortable to wear, which is what I want when the sun is up.

Livable Cities

Uniqlo’s LifeWear embodies its enduring commitment to keeping people comfortable and making life better and that’s very visible in the Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer collection. It’s making urban living more comfortable and convenient over the long term. I can attest to the fact that all my clothes from this brand are comfortable to wear.

Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer press previewAnd the clothes are of good quality that I get to wear them longer. I recycle some of them, especially those that I no longer wear outside, cutting here and there to give it new life. This allows me to help shrink modern environmental footprints.

Uniqlo 2020 spring-summer for women, men, and kidsAs we know, clothes thrown away ends up in landfills. The chemicals on clothes can cause environmental damages and knowing that I don’t contribute much eases me up. Uniqlo has a program that allows users to donate clothes to address that issue.

Give your clothing a second lifeThe Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer collection celebrates the convenience and functionality of cityscapes and natural environs to materialize better living.


Uniqlo collaborates with JW Anderson
Uniqlo collaborates with JW Anderson

There’s BLOCKTECH Parkas to protect you from the wind and rain while at the beach or while strolling along the waterfront. Dry Sweatpants offer excellent ease of movement and offer quick-drying performance, making them perfect for everyday and sports use.

Comfortable Clothing

Uniqlo collaborates with Hana Tajima
Uniqlo collaborates with Hana Tajima

The pocketable UV Cut Parkas are incredibly light and compact, making them perfect to keep in the backpack in case the weather turns while walking to work. Light Padded Parkas warm you after watersports. The modern silhouette makes them an excellent match for thick items, so they work well as everyday wear.

Easy on the eyesThen there are Long Parkas employing a shiny parachute fabric that is reminiscent of reflections off calm waters and skyscraper windows.

Work & Craft – Back to basics

Ensuring responsible consumption and production patterns is one of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Efforts to expand urban farming for local consumption are thus attracting tremendous attention. That is because such agriculture can slash transportation costs and lower food wastage, thereby reducing the carbon footprints of cities. Rooftop farming can cut noise pollution and enhance insulation from the elements, contributing to greater comfort for city dwellers.

Work clothesFor the Work & Craft category, Uniqlo focused on organic materials, functionality, and attention to detail. Those Jogger Cargo Pants look great at the office, and with their relaxed styling, you can go straight to your farm after work without needing to change. Casually styled Linen Cotton Jackets match well with Polo Shirts in the bright hues of fresh produce harvested from rooftops.

Clothes for city lifeThe clothing brand reduced the environmental footprint of manufacturing processes in crafting Denim Jackets and Jeans in authentic, sophisticated cuts. The fading, crinkle effects, and pleat and gather irregularities are reminders of the diverse shapes and vitality of organically grown produce.

Art & Design – Inspiring creativity with functional beauty

In this category, new ideas in minimalism were employed with long and lean silhouettes, and a mineral color-inspired palette so people can always look their best and enjoy better, more comfortable living.

Summer feels

Trench Coats are wardrobe essentials for many people, and Uniqlo has added tailoring touches and volume to enhanced styling, with contemporary monotone hues. Kando Jackets are perfect for spring in their light colors and blazer styling, with light fabric offering exceptional stretch for easy movement.

UNIQLO AIRism 20SSSporty Polo Shirts incorporate AIRism comfort features that make them perfect for summer layered looks. Slim-fit Tailored Jackets employ a linen-like fabric to keep wearers looking and feeling elegantly cool.

UNIQLO 20SSI love the Uniqlo 2020 Spring-Summer Collection! Although they’re meant for a particular season, some of the pieces are classic that can be worn beyond spring or summer. Head over to the one nearest you and get ready to be in style this season.

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