Match Made in Galaxy: Pair Your OOTDs With the Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP4 and Z FOLD4

On social media, fashionistas would often do the “Fit Check” and “Get Ready With Me” trends as they choose their party outfits, corporate dresses, and attires for dinner dates. To complete the look, they also pick a phone case that goes best with their chosen clothing. It could be clear, printed, or neutral. Doing this provides a cohesive ensemble as they take photos or do mirror selfies.

Galaxy Z FLIP4 IN Bora Purple for a feminine youMatching looks might be unimportant for some, but for the expressers and trendsetters, this enables them to showcase who they really are in the most exciting and stand-out ways.

Samsung acknowledges that technology has always been intertwined with personal life. And even with different style preferences, whether classy, trendy, or chic, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 will easily match any look with the foldable form factor, bold colorways, and overall sleek design. 

#TeamGalaxy Ambassadors flexing their OOTDs with the Galaxy Z Flip4

Unfolding in a stylish manner

Galaxy Z FOLD4 in Gray Green, Phantom Black, and BeigeWhen it comes to matching it to a classic style, turn heads with every unfold as the recently launched Galaxy Z Fold4 has a premium finish of Graygreen, Phantom Black, and online-exclusive Beige. Ideal for momentous and formal events like corporate meetings, galas, or fancy dinner cocktails.

Galaxy Z FLIP4 in Bora Purple, Blue, Pink Gold, and GraphiteMeanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip4 goes with everything chic and trendy with its hazy glass finish against high-shine, glossy metal frames of Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, or Blue. A perfect accessory for fun and unforgettable life moments like concerts, birthdays, or weddings.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 has also put a new spin on slim, as it now sports minimized bezels and lightweight materials, making it even more pocket-friendly. The Galaxy Z Flip4 on the other hand fits all outfits and pockets, with its width as small as 71.9mm when folded.

For Galaxy Z Fold4, the smartphone boasts a 7.6-inch screen when unfolded allowing users to do more and open multiple apps on the taskbar, for quick navigation and a super-productive screen. While the Galaxy Z Flip4 has a customizable 1.9-inch Cover Screen, which users can change and personalize in any way they want using personal videos, photos, or their own AR emoji. With this much control, users can easily update whatever matches their mood or outfits.

The new Galaxy Foldables will be widely available at the following price points:

Galaxy Z Flip4

  • Galaxy Z Flip4 (128GB) – PHP 58,990 SRP
  • Galaxy Z Flip4 (256GB) – PHP 62,990 SRP
  • Galaxy Z Flip4 (512GB) – PHP 69,990 SRP (Online Exclusive)

Galaxy Z Fold4

  • Galaxy Z Fold4 (256GB) – PHP98,990 SRP
  • Galaxy Z Fold4 (512GB) – PHP105,990 SRP
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 (1TB) – PHP 119,990 SRP (Online Exclusive)

Switch to Galaxy today! Trade in your smartphone to get up to Php 53,400 worth of discounts on the latest Foldables. Customers can get big discounts on their traded-in device, with an additional token worth up to Php 10,800[1]. Customers who purchase the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold4 can also enjoy a FREE Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Duo worth Php4,599.[2]

To learn more about the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4, visit

Safe Samsung Shopping 

Samsung Experience Stores strictly follows health and safety protocols to keep consumers and employees safe. Adhering to the guidelines set by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, Samsung has implemented the mandatory use of face masks and performs frequent sanitation in all stores.

Samsung Experience Stores also has unique QR health declaration codes to promote a safe, contactless contact tracing process. Product demonstrations are done side-by-side instead of face-to-face while keeping the required safe distance of one (1) meter to make sure everyone is socially distanced.

[1]Based on the maximum September 2022 residual value of specific models, plus a trade-in token worth Php10,800 for the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Php9,000 for the Galaxy Z Flip4.
[2]DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-152318 Series of 2022

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