BLOGGER’S Treat – The Samsung Smart TV Sneak Peek

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Samsung SMART TV inviteApril 7th was a treat for me as Samsung Philippines revealed the latest Samsung SMART TV offering to a group of bloggers at The Lounge of Seventh High, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. I was fortunate to get an invite, and so I braved the unknown that day. Unknown, because I’m not familiar with the place. The Fort Bonifacio Global City, despite it’s awesomeness, is not one of my most frequented place, so I don’t know how to find the venue. Thank goodness for Google Maps, and the relatively helpful links to Seventh High. Unknown, because I don’t know what to expect. Fine, it’s all about television alright, and I’ve seen all those drool-worthy Samsung flat screen TV at the mall, but I didn’t really pay attention.

Up I go to the 2nd floor of Seventh Heaven and entered a sophisticated place — The Lounge — with two huge Samsung LED TV proudly displayed and a handful of people chitchatting already. I have no company and felt a little awkward while I tried to settle down in one corner. A little while and I was asked to sit near the stage and finally got to talk to somebody else other than the person on the other side of the phone line.

It took a while before the event started, but when it did, there’s no stopping the goodness. Pretty Sarah Hernandez hosted the show and was very in control throughout the event. The audio-video presentation of the Samsung Smart TV started the immersive experience for me. This modern-day boob tube was further discussed and boy was I drooling!
Samsung SMART TV Smart Hub
And who wouldn’t? The huge, vivid screen, the slim profile — those are enough to make you want it. But wait! There’s more! Connectivity. Connectivity. Connectivity, and more connectivity. The new Samsung Smart TV D8000 can be connected to the Internet. And I learned this is already their 2nd offering. How obsolete can I get?
Samsung SMART TV Slim Profile
Yes, momma, this TV is no ordinary LED TV. It’s SMART TV, and it’s called that not just for any gimmick. It can be connected to the Internet, letting you do virtually anything that you do on the web. This television is definitely more than just for watching a soap. All ye social geeks can tweet, update your Facebook status and chat away while watching your favorite show. I think being able to connect with loved ones while you’re getting entertained is über-fun!

This work of wonder is one techie geek. It has a TV App Store where you can download software applications on your television. While there are entertainment-related apps like YouTube, Netflix and Napster, you’ll also find games, news, social apps and communication tools available for download. Early this year, Samsung announced that it has reached 2-million apps download. That’s a lot!

Surf through the Samsung SMART TVAnd if you’re no longer interested in moving pictures, you can simply surf. Your favorite website blown up on the screen. Cool! I think this is perfect for me when the show I’m watching is out for a commercial break. I can make a quick check on my web email for any new messages and reply in a jiffy. Productive,  isn’t it? And all these things can be done via remote, a smartphone or your tablet. The Galaxy Tab is a great companion and was used to the max in this event.

All these are being presented to us while we dine. A real treat, huh? The show ended with a raffle with 6 bloggers going home with a Samsung DVD Player. Our little group on our side of the table was hoping for a grand prize — a Galaxy Tab! But lo, and behold, there was none. We were just shooting for the moon. Naturally, Samsung Philippines won’t be giving out a mobile gadget for an entertainment unveiling.
Bloggers checking out the Samsung SMART TV
We stayed longer and explored Samsung Smart TV D8000. I got to experience more! I surfed to my business website, and boy was it gorgeous on that flat screen! Then the other television was showing 3D. I was told that the content was actually 2D converted to 3D. I put the 3D glasses and got that experience. If it was an actual 3D content, the Samsung rep said it would have popped out like a real 3D movie. But hey, who am I to be choosy? That you can experience three dimensional viewing even if it’s not an actual 3D is great already.

So I went home with all the images and ideas that I can do with a Samsung Smart TV. There’s definitely a lot. Samsung brought me into such an immersive experience that night that my mind can’t get over. Amazed. Entertained. Energized. I love it! I want my own Samsung Smart TV!!

Samsung SMART TV on displayFortunately, I have the chance to own one by joining their blog contest. You too can join! Simply share in a blog about the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV, tag @Samsung TV PH on FB and tweet your blog with the #samsungsmartTVPH hashtag. With the recent event, I’m teeming with all the ideas on what I can do with this techie television. I have until the end of April to submit my entries.

I can’t wait to get a unit home. It’s truly a blogger’s treat, don’t you agree? Are you drooling already? Do share your thoughts 🙂

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