Samsung QLED 8K TV is for Real

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The launch of Samsung QLED 8K TV hosted by Gelli Victor
The launch of Samsung QLED 8K TV hosted by Gelli Victor

I had a  glimpse of the Samsung QLED 8K TV as the tech company recently introduced it in the Philippines. Media and guests experienced the features during the event at The Fifth ballroom in Rockwell and I personally can’t help but drool. I remember my first encounter with a Samsung Smart TV in 2011, and then more launches after that. Now they’re on its 13th consecutive year of producing the world’s No. 1 TV.

The QLED 8K TV features a new Quantum Processor 8K which can produce images in greater detail and depth, in 7,680 x 4,320 resolution. Available in super large sizes of 75-, 82-, and 98-inch screens, with over 33 million pixels, it provides an experience that becomes fully immersive and pristine, as films and TV shows are meant to be seen.

Samsung has been been producing the World's Number 1 TV for 13 years“Over the past years. what we watch. when we watch. and how we watch has fundamentally changed,” said Lauro Guevara. head of product marketing for Samsung TV and Audio. “Today, more consumers are looking to enjoy their favorite content on larger and smarter screens, with minimal image noise, for a viewing experience that is almost true-to-life.”

Samsung QLED TV improves viewing experience with AI UpscalingThe Samsung QLED 8K TV boasts of a remarkable AI Upscaling technology, which automatically converts lower-resolution content into 8K quality. Enabled by the Quantum Processor 8, AI Upscaling analyzes the quality and resolution of any image whether it is in 4K, Full HD, HD, or even SD, or watched through a streaming service, HDMI, USB, or even mobile mirroring, and upscales the content to appear in 8K quality.

Aside from optimizing noise reduction, the Al Upscaling function restores the integrity of the smallest of details in a scene to provide greater texture. and sharpens edges of objects and texts for greater clarity. This feature, along with the highest levels of contrast with the Direct Full Array Technology. and dramatically-enhanced. deeper blacks and brighter whites, make the QLED 8K Samsung’s best TV, to date.

A demo of Bixby - a voice command prompt feature of Samsung QLED 8K TV
A demo of Bixby – a voice command prompt feature of Samsung QLED 8K TV

Bixby on TV, a highlight of the 2019 QLED lineup. is a clever feature that enables viewers to easily access films and shows thru voice command, which helps search for content based on previous viewing preferences. Indeed, Samsung keeps on innovating as technology progresses.

The launch event also marked the entry of Samsung’s 2019 full TV lineup, featuring the new QLED 4K TVs that also have AI upscaling capabilities. A wider selection of 2019 Soundbars, which includes new models that Samsung has developed with audio masters. Harman Kardon. were also featured.

Samsung QLED 8K TVSamsung Philippines president James Jung, in his opening speech, remarked on the historical relevance of the brand’s ground-breaking TV innovations. “This year is the 50m anniversary of the moment that mankind took his first step on the moon and changed history forever. This year is also Samsung Electronics‘ 50th anniversary of meaningful innovations. These milestones provide important context as we introduce a product that w believe will forever change the future of TVs,” he said of the Samsung QLED 8K TV.

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