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Dominos Pizza Philippines presents the pizza box with Liza on the cover

Liza Soberano and Domino’s Pizza Phils Partnership Renewed

Liza Soberano arrives at Dominos Pizza Mindanao Avenue BranchThe partnership between Liza Soberano and Domino’s Pizza Phils has been renewed. The young actress who’s been endorsing the pizza chain since 2015 signed an endorsement deal anew. The signing of contract was witnessed by the media at Domino’s Mindanao Avenue.

Liza Soberano and Domino’s Pizza are already a team before she came to the Philippines. Liza shared that when she was still young living in the United States, she would enjoy eating Domino’s Pizza with her family and friends. She then became a certified fan of the Domino’s Pizza online ordering system.

“The convenience and reliability of ordering Domino’s online is really amazing. First, it’s super efficient, because they use the latest mapping technology to recognize your exact location. Second, I love the fact that I can track every step of my order, so I know exactly when to expect my fresh, hot, and fast delivery,” she enthused. The Kapamilya actress shared further that she was glad to learn that there’s Domino’s Pizza in the Philippines.

As the celebrity endorser of the pizza chain in the country, Liza was involved in a number of hugely successful campaigns, including a giveaway activity wherein she personally handed free pizzas to LRT commuters. Shucks, I missed that giveaway activity. The pizza loving actress noted that there’ll likely be other similar activities.

Dominos Pizza Philippines presents the pizza box with Liza on the coverThe video went viral on social media, creating more awareness about the #DominosEffect. Now, the actress’ photo can be seen on Domino’s Pizza boxes, front and center. “l am so happy and honored to be a part of the Domino’s Pizza family. The relationship between us was strengthened over time, and l feel that my personality is a perfect fit for what Domino’s stands for,” Liza emphasized. “It’s always nice to represent a brand that you’ve been patronizing even before you endorsed them, and this is the case with Domino’s,” she added.

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Personally, I only got to enjoy Domino’s Pizza when I was still working in BPO. In the early 2000, their branches are quite few and mostly near business areas. That’s no longer the case as the pizza chain is growing fast, thanks to the innovations they bring to the Philippines from the US. They even have a branch near our place in Quezon City. And we’re enjoying their offerings. Twice a week you can get two pizzas for the price of one with Domino’s Two for Tuesdays, and Freeza Thursdays promo.

A whole pizza by Dominos

That’s a lot of delicious pizza to enjoy! Apart from delivering pizzas hot and fast, Domino’s also delivers them fresh. You can tell the high quality ingredients like 100% mozarella cheese and hand-tossed dough. Domino’s Pizzas are never oily. I can eat my pizza cold and still enjoy the goodness on each bite without the grease.

Liza Soberano and Domino's Pizza Philippines renews partnershipJoining Liza during the contract signing is her manager, Ogie Diaz, and the Domino’s Team led by Ms. Pinky Yee, Domino’s Pizza Philippines President. “Liza has been with us since 2015, and we have all witnessed her meteoric rise in the past three years,” noted Domino’s Pizza Philippines president Pinky Yee. “Domino’s has followed a similar growth surge, as more and more Filipinos have come to realize that we take delivery to the next level. We are glad that Liza has been a key part of this success. and we look forward to growing with her even more,” Pinky concluded.

Liza Soberano with Manager Ogie Diaz and the Dominos TeamStay tuned for more exciting updates and promotions with Liza Soberano and Domino’s Pizza Philippines. Log on to www.dominospizza.ph, or join the conversation by following Domino’s Pizza on Twitter, lnstagram, or Facebook at @dominosPH.

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