The New Rizal Park

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Rizal ParkHave you been to Rizal Park, aka Luneta? This is the first park that I’ve been to when we arrived in Manila coming from the province. When I was a kid, this is the go-to place to visit. There were no malls, theme parks and entertainment centers back then. But as years passed by, this park lost its beauty. That’s not the case anymore.

Rizal Monument at Luneta ParkCarabao Monument at Luneta Park

I had the chance to pass by the park recently and was surprised how beautiful it is now. It’s like a new park altogether. Of course, the Rizal Monument is still there. Basically, everything that I saw that day was the same stuff — the gardens, monuments, stone garden benches, etc. But they looked new because the entire park is well-maintained.

Dancing Fountain at Rizal Park

In the evening, everyone gets to enjoy the colorful fountain that rivals the fountain show at the nearby Manila Ocean Park. I enjoyed every bit of it. It’s colorful, and danced with the music. There’s even a part where fire was blown into the air. Quite interesting. I look forward to visiting the new Rizal Park one of these days with family and friends.

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