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AirAsia Credit Card Sets Your Adventure Mode On

Festival We Color, La Lonja, Argentina. Photo by Julian Gentilezza

Festival We Color, La Lonja, Argentina. Photo by Julian Gentilezza

Undoubtedly the generation that has been setting trends, millennials have the constant desire to reinvent themselves and discover more of the world around them. It is no wonder that one activity that has been defining their different lifestyles is traveling. It seems that their adventure mode is always on.

They are always on the quest for fresh experiences and new stories that they can share with their friends and family. It is through traveling that they discover a passion for thrilling adventures and a thirst to connect with various communities as they go from one place to another.

Why millennials travel

“I love getting introduced to new tastes, beliefs, art, and people,” shares Frankie, a 25-year-old freelance brand journalist. Like many other individuals her age, she has flown to popular international destinations such as Hong Kong and South Korea. And for her, nothing beats immersing in the moments where she gets to learn a new culture.

Woman wearing Korean traditional dress. Photo by Johen Redman/Unsplash

Woman wearing Korean traditional dress. Photo by Johen Redman/Unsplash

Her most recent trip to Korea was the first time she explored the home to many K-dramas. But her one week stay in Seoul proved that the country is best experienced in person, she narrates, “I enjoyed every single day of my vacation. From going to the best tourist spots, to tasting their popular street food, there wasn’t a single dull moment. I even had an amazing time just walking around the area.”

Another traveler, Michelle, testifies that the beauty of traveling is being able to learn different cultures, meeting locals, and trying out local delicacies. The 27-year-old recalls the first time she fell in love with traveling was when she flew to the province of Samar.

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“I had my first plane ride in 2008 and it was very memorable because it was also the time that I met our relatives in Samar. Throughout the trip, our relatives toured us around town and I witnessed the different wonderful rock formations and their amazing beaches,” says Michelle. She adds that it was the trip that inspired her to soon fly to Boracay, Cebu, Tacloban, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Korea.

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Powering a lifestyle of travel

“The rule of thumb for trips is that you should do whatever you can fit in the limited time you’re there because who knows when you’ll get another chance to,” advises Frankie. As an impulsive traveler, she relies on the power of technology to maximize her travel experience. “Technology is the best. I’ve received so many discounts and deals from apps made for travelling such as tickets, accommodation, and passes to tourist spots.”

Meanwhile, Michelle shares the statement that resonates with a lot of millennial travelers today. “You don’t need a lot of money to be able to travel. There are a lot of wonderful places where you can eat, stay, and go to that are not as expensive. Searching online also helps a lot.”

Understanding the needs of the adventurous in this generation of wanderers, RCBC Bankard and AirAsia team up to bring a credit card that powers every millennials’ aspiration for travel. Now, there’s no better way to fly out of the country and experience a rewarding vacation than having the AirAsia Credit Card, powered by RCBC Bankard.

airasia credit cardNew cardholders get to enjoy up to 8,000 Welcome BIG Points which is equivalent to a free local or international flight. Earning BIG points is also easy as they can continuously receive these rewards by using their AirAsia credit card for their purchases. These BIG points can bring them to numerous destinations especially since AirAsia cardholders get first dibs on the Final Call Sale and other promos and seat sales. It also gives awesome travel benefits such as instant BIG Loyalty Platinum membership status upgrade, priority check-in and boarding, and Xpress baggage, where cardholders can claim their bags faster and enjoy their trip sooner.

So, what more are you looking for? With the AirAsia Credit Card, traveling becomes more accessible, fun, and even more rewarding for millennials. Get your own card at www.rcbcbankard.com/airasia.

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