Bayad and Maybank Collaborate to Elevate Bills Payment

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Bayad and Maybank teamed up to elevate Filipinos’ digital banking and bills payment experience. These two are leading financial services providers. Bayad is the country’s most trusted payments authority, while Maybank Philippines Incorporated is a member of the Maybank Group, Malaysia’s regional financial services leader.

Bayad is boosting Maybank’s bills payment capability by augmenting the list of billers exponentially, enabling users to settle financial obligations in a few clicks and swipes. With the partnership, Maybank will be able to leverage Bayad’s unrivaled network of over 300 biller partners and highly advanced system that can process electricity, water, telco, and other utility bills, including credit cards, loans, and government fees and contributions. This gives customers greater convenience and security as they can accomplish their transactions at their own pace and at the comfort of their own place.

Specifically for Meralco bills, Bayad offers real-time payment processing, meaning successful transactions made through the Maybank2U PH internet banking and mobile app are immediately processed and posted to the customer’s account. This feature will help payors beat deadlines and avoid disconnection. Maybank shared that since the launch of the partnership with Bayad, average daily transactions of their Meralco payments increased substantially by more than 300%, indicating that more customers are appreciating the value of real-time payment posting.

Bayad and Maybank e-signing photo
In photo: (clockwise) Bayad President and CEO Lawrence Ferrer; Maybank Philippines PCEO-OIC and Community Financial Services Head Abigail Tina Del Rosario; Bayad Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer Dennis Gatuslao; and Maybank Philippines Vice President and Virtual Banking Head, Dexter Go.

Abigail Tina Del Rosario, Maybank Philippines PCEO-OIC and Community Financial Services Head expressed, “We are pleased with our collaboration with Bayad as it elevates our customers’ bills settlement experience. The integration of our platforms allows us to combine strengths, multiply opportunities, and expand a shared user base. We will continue to co-create innovative services for our customers in view of their evolving needs in this time of pandemic.”

Meanwhile, according to Lawrence Ferrer, Bayad President and CEO, “With the heightened role of the digital economy in the new normal, we are aggressively expanding our digital footprint and at the same time powering the bills payment features of other banks and fintech players. We believe that strategic alliances and working together are pivotal in making financial services accessible and meaningful.”

Both Bayad and Maybank have been operating for more than two decades, continuously innovating financial services that help improve lives and communities, championing the advancement of both digital and physical payment touchpoints.

Bayad’s physical payment presence continues to expand, with more than 50,000 touch points in the country. Early this year, the company launched its all-in-one pera transaction mobile app Bayad, as well as its web-based Bayad Online payment platform.

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