Watsons Bro Boot Camp Tackled Men’s Grooming

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Watsons Men's GroomingPersonal care store Watsons shared tips on men’s grooming during a “Bro Session” at the Watsons Store The Podium. This topic is not special to me, having been aware of personal grooming since a kid. I grew up in a female dominated family who are very much into such. Hence, I learned to use facial cleansers in grade school.

When adolescence came upon me and started getting pimples, I tried anti-acne cream. And the “vanity” went on until today. I can still remember using my mom’s grooming products. There was not much “for men” back in my younger days, a very different scenario today.

Yep, just like how barber shops are becoming fancier these days, and men’s fashion getting much attention, men’s grooming are also changing. At least, as far as grooming products “for men” are concerned. But I think the attitude towards what they call vanity still the same as in my younger days. Men attempting to look good are still mostly secretly labeled as gay.

Host Victor Anastacio at the Watsons Bro Boot Camp
Victor Anastacio hosting the Watsons Bro Boot Camp event

But the truth is, attempting to look good is not just for the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, men needs to take grooming seriously because it’s more than just looking good. Men’s grooming is taking care of yourself. And in today’s environment filled with stress, pollution and what not, we should be doing exactly that.

Watsons Bro Boot Camp

In the recent Watsons event entitled “Watsons Bro Bootcamp,” the store rolled out a crash course program showing the boys how to master personal care. From basic cleansing training, to showering, shaving and scent, all the way up to moisturizing, the guys got the lowdown on upping their grooming games.

Watsons Store Men SectionI have to admit, I learned a thing or two despite reading about men’s grooming from time to time. I also discovered a wide array of grooming products inside Watsons. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the things we learned. Men's Grooming products at Watsons Store

Sharp & Clean

Kiefer Ravena Gillette Ambassador at Watsons Bro Boot Camp
Gillette Ambassador Kiefer Ravena

Heard of the saying “not a hair out of place”? Well, here’s where you make sure that holds true. Enter the tine manly art of shaving. With a good trusty razor and shaving cream to help each stroke smoother, you’ll be set to get out there with that fine, put together look in no time.

Gillette Fusion Proglide at Watsons StoreI used to shave with disposable products and then upgraded to the more expensive ones like the Mach 3. But when I came across Gilette Fusion Proglide, I felt the need to upgrade again. I was initially looking for it at online shops. Good thing Watsons carry them.


Belo Men Endorser Robi Domingo at the Watsons Bro Boot Camp
Belo Men Endorser Robi Domingo

Cleansing preps the whole process of grooming. This is where you rid yourself of dirt and have a “clean base” so you use products like shampoo, facial wash and body wash.

Belo Men Deep Cleansing Body Bar at Watsons StoreThis is something that we’re all familiar with as far as men’s grooming is concerned. But it’s really more than just soap and shampoo. I have an oily skin so I make sure that I wash my face with a facial wash aimed at addressing my skin type.

Adidas Body Wash at Watsons Store-001I also enjoy using body wash because it’s smells good. And I feel cleaner too!


John James Uy, Nivea Men Ambassador at Watsons Bro Boot Camp
Nivea Men Ambassador John James Uy

Cleansing may leave your skin free from impurities, and that’s good, but sometimes this also leads to dry skin. And that’s a problem no one wants to deal with. That’s why it’s advisable to have a moisturizing product, usually in cream form, as part of your kit.

Nivea Men Creme at Watsons StoreAt the Watsons Bro Boot Camp, I learned that there’s already the Nivea Cream for men. I was surprised because this product used to be a family favorite. Although I stopped using it as my skin type changes. With the variant for men, I will definitely give it a try.


David Guison, Axe Ambassador with event host Victor Anastacio
David Guison, Axe Ambassador with event host Victor Anastacio

It’s not enough to be clean; you’ve got to smell clean too. A lot of guys underestimate the importance of getting that scent in check. Start with the basic deodorant, then spray on a light fragrance or cologne. It’s even better if the scent matches the occasion for the right effect.

Deodorant Products at Watsons StoreThe most important thing that we learned is that grooming is a reflection of one’s character. Looking your best isn’t about vanity. It’s about taking full advantage of every edge you can. In a job interview, on a date, in pretty much every other daily battle we face, the guy who looks like he’s got it together has the upper hand. There is definitely that plus factor.

Shopping bag full of men's grooming products from Watsons StoreArmed with the knowledge and a swag bag full of grooming goods from Nivea Men, Gillette, Belo Men, Axe, Pond’s Men, Old Spice, Freshman, Adidas, Watsons Men Razor, Watsons Nose Pore Strips, and Press N’ Mix Hair Color, we all left fully equipped to up our grooming games.

Watsons Store The Podium BranchIf you want to do the same, and I say you really should, head over to a Watsons Store and get those men’s grooming essentials from the Men’s Zone. It’s time to man up and get your act together to take care of yourself, looking good, feel good and be more confident. You’ll do yourself a big favor.

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