The Generics Pharmacy is Now on Shopee!

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The drugstore calling itself as the “TGPagpagaling ng Pilipinas” is now on Shopee! While its brand ambassador Jericho Rosales says there’s one TGP in front of you (“Nandyan lang sa tapat mo”), it’s now even better because there’s TGP on your phone!

The Generics Pharmacy Official Store on ShopeeWhile there was a TGP near my place of residence, it has since closed down. That’s too bad because the trusted drugstore selling generics medicine is no longer accessible to us. We have to check if a sari-sari store is selling paracetamol or we have to go further to a drugstore selling branded ones that are more expensive.

And in these days where everything is getting more expensive, we need more affordable options. I recently had to ask at home if they have mefenamic acid because of my migraine, which has turned out for the worst. I was told that they can buy some for me and that each now cost around Php38.00 per tablet. I was surprised knowing that the Php100 bill I gave will only get me 3 pieces.

Good thing there’s TGP on Shopee. I don’t have to find the nearest store just to get my supplies. I can just order and wait for the delivery. Very convenient. And with TGP Official Store Grand Launch on Shopee, we can get discounts up to 45% off from April 6-10! Isn’t that amazing!

This is actually perfect timing. I was watching the news the other morning and learned that a new Covid-19 variant was discovered somewhere in Europe and Thailand. With that in mind, we cannot be complacent and still make sure that we have the health essentials to fight against the pandemic. Not to mention that people are slowly getting back to work in offices.

TGP Ascorbic Acid with ZincTGP Ascorbic Acid with Zinc will help strengthen immunity. It’s not enough that we take Vitamin C, we need Zinc to further boost our immunity. “Add to cart” by clicking here:

TGP ParacetamolAnd of course, the moment you’re not feeling well, you should be taking paracetamol immediately. Buy the TGP Paracetamol by clicking here: It’s actually my first defence against fever. 

And if you’re like everybody else who now enjoys going out or are forced out of your work-from-home situation to return to the office, make sure you have all the essentials with you.

TGP Protektodo Essentials Gift KitThe TGP Protektodo Essentials Gift Kit is perfect for you, your loved ones and your colleagues at the office. It comes with all the essentials needed as the package contains:

  • 3 x Facemask
  • 1 x 70% Ethyl Alcohol Spray 60ml
  • 1 x 2-ply coreless tissue
  • 1 x VAPORAE (Menthol + Camphor + Eucalyptus Ointment 10g)
  • 10 x Ascorbic Acid tablets
  • 1 x Clear Toiletry Bag
  • 1 x TGP ballpen
  • 1 x New Testament scripture book

Get it now by clicking here:

So pull up your smartphones, launch the Shopee app and visit the TGP Official Store to purchase your essentials and more. You have until April 10 to get discounts of up to 45%. Take advantage of the huge savings and reliable products for your health. 


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