Triple-O’s by White Spot in the Philippines

Triple-O's by White Spot at SM MegamallLast week, I was one of the bloggers who had the chance to dine at Triple-O’s by White Spot at The Atrium of SM Megamall. It’s the first-ever branch in the Philippines and I was delighted to see that the restaurant is not even open, yet we were there to experience what this burger joint has to offer. Along with the media, it seemed like we were taking part of their dry run, as we lined up and ordered our foods at the counter. It was a fun experience, but the foods served to us are definitely not your dry run quality. Now, it can be told that popular Canadian burger chain Triple-O’s in the Philippines is now open to serve everyone craving for quality food.

SweetSpot Philippines President Pinky Yee, White Spot President Warren Erhart and White Spot Owner Peter Toigo at the soft opening of Triple-O's SM Megamall
We met (L-R) SweetSpot Philippines President Pinky Yee, White Spot President Warren Erhart and White Spot Owner Peter Toigo at Triple-O’s by White Spot SM Megamall

Ordering at the counter of Triple-O's by White Spot SM Megamall
The crews at the counter of Triple-O's by White Spot
[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was my first time to learn about Triple-O’s. If you’ve been to Canada, chances are you are familiar with this brand as it is said to be very popular in that country. It was established by founder Nat Bailey in 1928 as the first drive-in restaurant but became an iconic brand because of its burgers. The claim to have the best burgers around is backed by using premium-grade 100% Canadian beef  patties, and that says a lot. Food connoisseur apparently agrees that Canadian beef is better than its American counterpart due to the country’s rigorous screening systems on beef.

Triple-O's by White Spot - Monty Mushroom Burger Combo with Strawberry Milkshake and Sweet Potato Fries
Monty Mushroom Burger Combo (Php400 – substitute your drink to milkshake for additional Php100)
Triple-O's by White Spot - Buttermilk Chicken
2 pcs Buttermilk Chicken (Php175.00 – ala carte)

Burgers are just some of the food offerings at Triple-O’s. Aside from ordering my Monty Mushroom, Strawberry Milkshake and Sweet Potato Fries, I also had my 2-piece Buttermilk Chicken with rice. Yep, it was an opportunity to try both worlds – burger and fried chicken. The chicken is crisp on the outside and really juicy on the inside with a hint of creaminess. It comes with a salsa as dip. After pausing for a while to chat with friends, I started on my burger combo. The burger is huge, with a pickle on top, a Triple-O’s signature way of serving their sandwiches. It has generous grilled mushrooms, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, Monterey Jack Cheese over 100% fresh Canadian beef.

Triple-O's by White Spot - Monty Mushroom Burger
Monty Mushroom Burger (Php310 – Burger Only)

The Triple-O's Philippines Executives
[dropcap]D[/dropcap]on’t forget the milkshake which the counter staff highly recommends. I love milkshake and so I gave in wondering how pleasurable it would be. I was looking around the counter and noticed that there are tubs of ice cream and real strawberries, an indication of how wonderful my strawberry milkshake would be. Now that popular Canadian burger chain Triple-O’s by White Spot is now open, I will definitely go back to try their other burgers. Next on my list is the Bacon Cheddar or the Spicy Ultimate Crunch. It might probably the place to get some work done too as Triple-O’s Megamall looks cozy in it’s casual dining vibe.

Burger Menu at Triple-O's by White Spot
The walls of Triple-O's by White Spot SM Megamall
Dining area of Triple-O's by White Spot SM Megamall
Learn about Triple-O's by White Spot on the posters on the walls

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