UNO Digital Bank Builds on Amazon Web Services

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Unobank LogoToday, Singapore-headquartered financial technology company UNOAsia announced it has built the UNO Digital Bank in the Philippines in less than one year using Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company. With AWS, UNOAsia’s technology is cost-effective and scalable to bring innovative, future-looking digital banking services to customers in the Philippines. Building the UNO Digital Bank on AWS enables UNOAsia to meet the highest and most recent security and compliance standards set by local regulators and government bodies.

Amazon Web Services - AWSUNO Digital Bank adopted the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) to rapidly establish a comprehensive cloud environment. The MAP is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program based on AWS’s experience in migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the cloud. Participating in the MAP accelerated and strengthened the formation and scaling of UNO Digital Bank on Amazon Web Services, helping offset the initial costs.

Uno Digital Bank CEO Manish BhaiTo accelerate the building of UNO Digital Bank, UNOAsia worked with AWS Partners to deploy the AWS Well-Architected Framework. The framework helped ensure that architectural best practices for designing and operating secure, reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable workloads in the cloud are in place.

“I’m often asked how we could build UNO Digital Bank in less than a year,” said Manish Bhai, CEO of UNO Digital Bank. “The truth is it’s only possible to do so by working closely with the world’s leading cloud provider. AWS helped us rapidly build a digital bank interface our customers can trust, elevating the customer experience to help meet our customers’ financial needs at speed with ease.”

Peter Murray Head of FSI ASEAN AWS
Peter Murray Head of FSI ASEAN AWS

“AWS is proud to support UNOBank with their mission to offer simple, better and accessible banking working backwards from the lifestyle needs of their customers,” said Pete Murray, Head of FSI, ASEAN at AWS. “Using AWS, UNOBank was built in less than 12 months with the highest levels of Security and Privacy management adhering to the progressive local regulatory requirements of the Bangko Sentral Pilipinas (BSP). Uniquely, the UNOBank platform is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) from inception, using AWS Services like Sagemaker and Personalize for fraud detection and personalized recommendations. UNOBank’s teams are creating frictionless and secure customer onboarding, and deliver alternate data-based credit scoring in order to deliver great experiences for under serviced consumers in the Philippines.”

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