The S-Factor Baby! Samsung Notebook Series 9

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Do you have the curves and a slim waist line? Or maybe you have the muscles and that washboard abs. If you do, then you’re sexy. But it’s more than what’s outside that makes one sexy. That’s the truth, no matter how cliché that may sound. Your attitude and the way you carry yourself creates your personality. And a great personality is truly sexy. Now you can add more sexiness to your life.

Technology leader Samsung recently launched the newest line of notebook computers dubbed as Sexy PC. I’m a laptop person. No matter how great the specs of a desktop computer may be, I would still go for a laptop. But because I almost always bring my laptop with me, I always preferred one that is not so big and heavy. A 15-incher is a no-no. My first was an 11-incher, moved to a 13-incher, but now carry one that’s an inch bigger. The Samsung Notebook Series 9 screen size is 13.3-inches. That, made me pay attention.

But there’s more. Samsung Notebook Series 9 is only 0.64 inches thick. That’s like hugging a lady with a sexy waistline. And it’s one that I’m sure to carry with me all the time, weighing only 1.31kg. The outer beauty is always an attraction to me. Owning one means I don’t have to strain my body for lugging it around the metro to meet customers, friends or just chill out some place else. I’m also sure to get attention whenever I bring it out. But it gets better. This laptop runs on a 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor 2537M with 4GB Ram. That’s power that I loved to get my hands on. I’m good with the ones I have – dual core, core 2 duo – but this core is the next thing on my list!

Indeed, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 is slim and sleek, curvy but sexy from the inside too. Its great personality is beamed through an HD LED-backlit ‘SuperBright Plus’ display – Samsung’s very own LED technology with 16 million colors. Ohhlala… and all these hotness are enclosed in a Dularium metal alloy. What is that? They say it’s the kind of material used only in specialized aircraft, like maybe a space shuttle? Sporting hot and stylish technology, this one awesome package is truly the sexiest notebook today. Woot, woot!

The latest Samsung offering is my ideal notebook. It’s small, light, tough, powerful, and beautiful. Not all notebooks can have that. You either have it or you don’t. Now I’m not talking about the X-factor factor here. Often users are left with no choice but to compromise in their notebook purchase. Want more power? Get the bigger ones. Don’t want to break your bones? Buy a small one with less power. With the Samsung Notebook Series 9, there are no more compromises. After all, we already live in a world full of it, so why have another?

Check out the entire specs for more of its sexiness:
• 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor 2537M (1.40 GHz, 3MB; turbo up to 2.3 GHz)
• Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) / Windows® 7 Professional (64 bit)
• 4GB DDR3 (up to 8GB)
• 128GB Solid State Drive (up to 256)
• 13.3-inch HD LED-backlit SuperBright Plus display (400 nit)
• Resolution: 1366×768
• Intel HD GT2 Integrated Graphics
• 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, WiMax
• USB 3.0
• 3 watt (1.5W x 2) stereo speakers and 1.5 watt sub-woofer
• 1.3megapixel HD Webcam
• Li-Po battery (up to 6.5 hours)
• 2.89 lbs.

Watch the video for a better glimpse of this new hotness!

What do you like about the Samsung Notebook Series 9? Is it the processing power? Probably the slim profile? Or maybe the HD display? Do drop me a line at the comment box below. I’m sure y’all drooling over this hot gadget. Me too! I’m dreaming of owning one and I heard from the grapevine this could come true. I can’t wait! You too? Well, I don’t have the details but let’s head over to their Facebook fan page so we get more.

Mayn, I wanna be sexy! And I think the Samsung Notebook Series 9 can help me do that. Don’t you think? 😉


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