Space Masterpieces Within Reach: vivo X ZEISS Partnership Brings Astrophotography to Your Fingertips

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One of the biggest frustrations among mobile photography enthusiasts is the challenge of capturing a replica of reality through the camera lens. Professional-grade specs go a long way to ensure photographic accuracy when documenting captivating moments, especially celestial events. vivo, with its powerful imaging capabilities co-engineered with ZEISS, aims to assist its user in mirroring what the eyes see in stunning detail through the vivo X ZEISS partnership.

Capturing space from Earth

ZEISS brought the world together more than five decades ago to witness man’s first step on the moon. Through the Apollo 8 mission, ZEISS brought to humankind an excellently detailed image of man’s first step on the moon’s surface. Using the pioneering technology of ZEISS optics, clear, crisp, and vibrant celestial images are now within the user’s fingertips with a vivo smartphone.

As the power of ZEISS enabled the beauty of Earth to be captured from space, vivo brings the power of documenting masterpieces of the galaxy while rooted to the Earth.

vivo x ZEISS: Zeiss Pioneering in PhotographyThis year one of the most awaited launches from vivo is the vivo X80 series, with next-level photography capabilities suited for professionals and enthusiasts. Just like how ZEISS captured the first image of Earth rising from the moon’s dark side, its flagship model, the vivo X80 Pro’s 50MP Ultra-Sensing GNV Sensor, boasts of capturing the grandeur of astronomical beauty in true color. This sensor allows the device to easily capture more light and reproduce images clearly, such as the glow of a full moon or the vivid patterns of constellations.

It may be tricky to take shots of static constellations, but it’s trickier to get a hold of moving astronomical phenomena. With vivo and ZEISS Cinematic Video, the magic of an astronomical event is accurately reproduced to capture its real brilliance. vivo’s customized chip activates the phone’s Super Night Video, which delivers exceptional results even in extreme darkness. It detects scenarios and matches them with the best camera settings for brilliant results.

First Captured Earth from SpaceMoreover, with vivo and ZEISS anamorphic film lenses, the person behind the camera can easily shoot videos and photos in film-standard 2.39:1 aspect ratio. It produces impressive image purity, sharp portrait subjects, and natural-looking bokeh flares.

vivo and ZEISS further the exemplary of the vivo X80 series with the XDR Photo display technology. This technology allows ordinary snapshots to look like HDR images on the phone screen.

Boasting all these features, the vivo X80 and X80 Pro are great companions for those looking to score stunning sunset or sunrise images, documentation of astronomical phenomena such as meteor showers or planetary alignments, and other masterpieces in the heavens.

Stay tuned for more updates about how vivo and ZEISS are redefining the professional imaging experience for consumers. Please visit vivo’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels for more information.

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