Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Commends Business Partners’ Success in Southeast Asia

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises logoAlcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a leading provider of communications, networking, and cloud solutions tailored to customers’ industries, has unveiled the “Partner of the Year” winners during the Connex22 Southeast Asia Partner Event. The winners were acknowledged for their delivery of exceptional services, customer satisfaction, and outstanding results across Southeast Asia.

The theme of Connex22 was ‘Go Future’, to recognize that the future is built upon experience and learning as well as ambition and goals. Held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 26 May, the event brought together esteemed leadership from ALE and its partners across the region.

Connex22 GoFuture eventThe Southeast Asia (SEA) Partners of the Year were also commended for their innovative efforts in working with the ALE product portfolio over the past 12 months and their achievements in delivering customized technology experiences that meet customers’ needs.

The winners include:

  • Unified Communications Partner of the Year 2021, SEA: Radiant Communication Sdn Bhd

Radiant Communication tripled its revenues year on year, including a significant project win in the public sector covering 20,000 users.

  • Network Partner of the Year 2021, SEA: First One Systems Co., Ltd

First One Systems Co., Ltd managed to grow their revenue with ALE by 80% year on year, delivering significant progress for ALE in Thailand.

  • Growth Partner of the Year 2021, SEA: Nokia Enterprise Philippines

The partnership between ALE and Nokia Enterprise Philippines has been smooth and seamless, paving the way for prospects with notable project wins in the service provider industry.

Belinda Lawrie, Nokia Head of APJ Channel Sales said, “We are honoured and thrilled to receive this award from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as their ‘Growth Partner of the Year’ for our GPON expansion project with Radius, providing fiber-based services and digital transformation opportunities across a wide breadth of industry segments.”

The partner event also highlighted ALE’s Communications and Networking portfolio strategy for the year ahead. ALE will continue to focus on empowering businesses to connect everywhere in the digital age while enabling customers to leverage digital networking to drive business innovation, continuity, and resilience.

Nokia Enterprise (PH) is Growth Partner of the Year 2021 at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises Connex22 event
Photo shows (L-R) Ilya Gutlin (Senior Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APAC), Damien Delard (Vice President, Sales SEA & VP, Channels Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APAC) and Anthony Mejilla (Head of Sales, Nokia Enterprise Philippines) during the awarding of the Growth Partner of the Year 2021, SEA to Nokia Enterprise Philippines during the Connex22 Southeast Asia Partner Event.

The event featured presentations from Nokia on the strategic alliance with ALE and its benefits to the partner ecosystem. The Nokia – ALE partnership will seek to expand ALE’s current verticals to include energy and utilities while simplifying technical support and the procurement process and providing cost-effective and reliable network end-to-end solutions to customers.

Building on its impressive portfolio of partners, ALE has revitalized the global partner programme for 2022 with a new HI-TOUCH onboarding plan for new partners. The company aims to use its experience to further build efficiencies into its partner ecosystem and deliver optimized results for customers.

ALE has also launched its channel rewards programme in the APAC region, previously known as Build2Win. The new programme, named GOPARTNERS2022, focuses on grooming ALE’s Indirect Reseller community by encouraging and supporting partner sellers to grow with ALE.

These programmes align with the core principles of ALE’s partner enablement blueprint, which prioritizes loyalty and dedication to ALE’s partner ecosystem. ALE’s organizational strategy also serves to further drive partner success, including leveraging technology to implement agile working practices so the company is better positioned to support partners with their project needs and adapt quickly to the dynamic industry landscape. This has allowed ALE to strengthen its supply chain resilience, improving delivery accuracy, reducing stock levels, and driving more secure shipments for high-volume transactions, even during shortages, to ensure business continuity for partners and steady quality service for customers.

All Award Winners at the Connex22 Southeast Asia Partner Event
Photo shows (L-R) Somyos Udomnilobon (Country Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Thailand), Ilya Gutlin (Senior Vice President, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APAC), Terdsak Kijjatikankun (Managing Director, First One Systems Co., Ltd.), Damien Delard (Vice President, Sales SEA & VP, Channels Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APAC), Kwek Hean Chew (Managing Director, Radiant Communication Sdn Bhd), Anthony Mejilla (Head of Sales, Nokia Enterprise Philippines) and Kenji Yong (Pre-sales, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Malaysia) during the recently concluded Connex22 Southeast Asia Partner Event held in Thailand.

“We’re proud that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise partners continued to deliver above and beyond to our customers. Connex22 was an opportunity to acknowledge their hard work and successes despite the challenges and volatile circumstances brought on by the global health crisis,” said Damien Delard, Vice President of APAC Channels, Head of Sales in South-East Asia, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Japan.

“Efficient communication, collaboration, and networking rose to the forefront of organizational agendas as leaders sought to secure business continuity. We’re heartened to see our partners continually striving to deliver innovative solutions that grant customers a competitive edge and provide them with the agility and resilience to thrive in the digital age.”

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