Monsters Invaded Eastwood City

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A Building in Eastwood CityI attended an event at Eastwood City Friday night, July 1st. After the event, I took a stroll at the Eastwood Mall Open Area. This tech hub has been my workplace for 3 years and has transformed beautifully. I took some photos and noticed a group of people gathering around watching a group of mascots performing. I went my way and took a stroll further, ignoring whatever they’re doing. I was surprised to learn that it was actually a flash monster mob! A friend shared what really happened that night.

The mascots I saw were apparently pain monsters representing body pain, headache, toothache and dysmenorrhea. They threatened to inflict pain to people in the mall, but someone or something came to the rescue – Tablet Man! Unfortunately, the 4 pain monsters proved to be more powerful than Tablet Man, putting this superhero to sleep. The monsters bragged even more pointing out that they their power to inflict pain is different now and cannot be cured by any medicine like that of Tablet Man.

But before they could accomplish their plan of wreaking havoc and pain to mall-goers, the monsters were alarmed by the voice that came from nowhere bashing them as well. Three men and a woman appeared, clad in tight-fitting suit — the Advil Liqui Force! This group of superheroes looked savvier, agile and is more equipped with fighting skills. Together, they battled the 4 pain monsters who eventually decided to retreat, acknowledging the strength and power of the Advil Liqui Force. Hurray to our new superheroes!

Hey wait a minute. Weird huh? I know right? But this guy experienced it firsthand. Here’s more proof of the story:

Isn’t it cool?! Eastwood City is known for such street performances and with lots of people working nearby and those unwinding to end a stressful week, Advil chose the right venue to reach out and promote their newest product line. The scriptwriter and the rest of the people behind the act obviously knew what they’re talking about. Kudos! One monster’s statement is true – pain these days is more excruciating than ever and cannot be eliminated by ordinary medicines.

Advil Liqui GelThe storyline hits the mark – Advil Liqui Gel is fast and effective in eliminating pain than any ordinary pain reliever. It was a creative way to communicate the message to its target market. I bet the performance entertained the audience and eased the pain that some might be going through that night. Have you experienced pain lately? Did the video convince you to give Advil Liqui Gel a try? I haven’t been through any physical pain lately, but I will check the product out. Would you recommend Advil Liqui Gel? Please share.

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