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Docquity App is Asia's largest network for medical professionalsAn app for doctors, Docquity was officially unveiled on April 27 in the Philippines. It’s a mobile application which can be considered a social network for medical professionals. It’s also a platform for continuous learning, exclusively for professionals in the medical field.

I’m not a doctor, but somehow I understand the need for exclusivity for these professionals. This is particularly important when dealing with cases, researches, updates, and other relevant information. Such information shouldn’t be floating around the usual social networking platform simply because people outside the medical professions could easily misinterpret or misunderstood such.

Considered as the application to go to for continuing medical education (CME) and continuing professional development (CPD) units needed by doctors and other medical professionals like nurses, medical technologists to advance their careers, Docquity has very strong presence in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Increase knowledge by reading medical journals
Increase knowledge by reading medical journals

Amit Vithal, Chief Operating Officer of Docquity Holdings Pte. Ltd., the company that owns the app, says they are now aggressively expanding their operations in the Philippines since it has around 60,000 practicing doctors at any given time.

The panel during the Docquity App presscon
The presscon during the launch with Dr. Bu Castro as the host while Dr. Loysa Orense, Amit Vithal, Dr. Jose P. Santiago Jr. and Dr. Arnold Yu

“We want to serve the huge market here in the country since according to our extensive research, it’s difficult for a doctor to acquire CPD units because of their very busy schedule and limited options. Docquity addresses that specific need by providing an easily accessible, safe and trusted learning environment in the convenience of their smartphones and other portable devices,” Vithal explained during the launch.

Earn CME points on Docquity App
Earn CME points on Docquity App

Docquity has also partnered with Vireo Loadworks Inc. (, a leading mobile phone loading app, to provide the technical expertise and marketing support to grow the app in the Philippines. Vireo also provided a top-notch team of doctors who will comprise a medical board that will provide sound advice and direction to Docquity’s efforts.

Discuss in a private and secure environment inside Docquity App
Discuss in a private and secure environment inside Docquity App

“Our vast local experience and expertise in technical mobile platforms were the primary considerations for Docquity to partner with us, not to mention our good relationships with leading doctor communities here such as the Philippine Medical Association and the Philippine Hospital Association among others,” says Dr. Loysa Orense, president of Vireo Loadworks Inc.

Panels for insights, news conferences, journals, and previewed cases on Docquity App
Panels for insights, news conferences, journals, and previewed cases on Docquity App

“This partnership is a first and a pioneering project in the country. The medical doctor community will be the primary group to try an app-based CPD units registration. We recognized it’s potential to help all doctors in the country wanting to renew their medical licenses through additional CPD units from the App. Docquity is accredited by the Philippine Regulations Commission,” added Orense.

The Docquity Medical Board during the launch
The Docquity Medical Board (from left to right): Dr. Bu Castro, Amit Vithal, Chief Operating Officer of Docquity Holdings Pte. Ltd., Dr. Jose P. Santiago Jr., Incoming President of the Philippine Medical Association, Dr. Ceasar Grey, Dr. Loysa Orense, President of Vireo Loadworks Inc., Dr. Arnold Yu, Dr. Arsenia Grey, Dr. Mona Lisa Cosme, Dr. Raul Echipare, Dr. Danilo Sedutan and Dr. Jenelyn Sedutan.

Aside from CME, the app also offers clinical discussions, peer consultations and medico legal support for doctors. It functions like a dedicated and exclusive social media app for doctors.

Docquity App launched in the PhilippinesThe app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for IOS. For more information, visit the Docquity website at or on Facebook page at

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