Samsung Galaxy A80 is Ideal for Digital Natives

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Samsung Galaxy A80 in the fleshThe Samsung Galaxy A80 is said to be built for the era of live because it features a rotating camera which you can command with a touch of a finger. It’s actually perfect for digital natives who love to interact, play, and share the moment online. I was actually drawn to it; it’s a feature I want so I can seamlessly record a blog coverage, a travel vlog, or even just having fun with family and friends.

The smartphone was revealed in Thailand last April 10 with live streaming in the Philippines and other parts of the world. Samsung is obviously aware that a growing number of people are increasingly using their smartphones to share live interactions – capturing spontaneous photos, streaming live video and connecting over shared experiences that are happening right now.

Samsung Galaxy A80 in Phantom BlackThe timing couldn’t be more perfect as we’re moving from the ‘era of the selfie’ to the ‘era of live’, where people are fostering more genuine and meaningful connections. Built to drive this evolution, the Galaxy A80 offers compelling innovations: a captivating, full-screen display, Samsung’s first revolutionary rotating camera and an intelligent battery.

Samsung Philippines Executives at the launch of Samsung A Series smartphones
Samsung Philippines Executives at the launch of Samsung A Series smartphones

“Consumers are at the center of everything we do and they search for devices personalized to their specific lifestyle. Armed with our expertise, global capabilities and rich consumer insights, Samsung is uniquely positioned to provide innovations for everyone,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy A Series provides a range of models so everyone can choose a device that fits their unique needs and enables them to pursue their passions. The Galaxy A80 offers premium features for digital natives who want to fully engage in the Era of Live.”

Capture the world as you see it

Created with Samsung’s first rotating camera, the Galaxy A80 lets people seamlessly capture the world around them. The innovative camera mechanism rotates when users switch between the main camera and selfie mode to deliver the same extraordinary triple camera experience.

Samsung Galaxy A80 Rotating CameraWhen combined with intelligent features, now you can make the most of your shots. This adaptive and dynamic camera allows for an intuitive experience with the same high-resolution lens, front and rear, so you never have to sacrifice on quality. With the 48MP main camera, users can now shoot vivid images day and night. The Galaxy A80’s 3D Depth camera offers Live Focus to not only photos but also videos by scanning objects for measurement and depth. It is built with an Ultra Wide angle lens with the same viewing angle as the human eye, so your favorite views can be shared with less panning.

A closer look of the Samsung Galaxy A80 rotating camera on selfie mode
A closer look of the Samsung Galaxy A80 rotating camera on selfie mode

The Super Steady video mode helps you effortlessly capture content by reducing video shake to ensure smooth, pro-level action videos. And with other intelligent camera features such as Scene Optimizer that can recognize and enhance up to 30 scenes, and Flaw Detection that automatically identifies glitches before you click, you’ll never miss the perfect shot.

Enjoy immersive multimedia experiences

Enabled by the rotating camera, people can experience an uninhibited view with Samsung’s first New Infinity Display. Featuring the 6.7-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED screen, Galaxy A80 brings you content in vivid detail, letting you get fully immersed in every game, video, photo and story.

Samsung Galaxy A80 has gorgeous displayGalaxy A80’s Dolby Atmos lets you lose yourself in the sound with a 360-degree audience experience when using earphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Stay connected for longer

The Galaxy A80’s 3,700mAh battery and its Super-Fast Charging at 25W capabilities keep you connected for longer and give you more freedom by allowing you to charge your phone quickly – so you don’t miss a beat.

The Galaxy A80 also features an intelligent battery which learns your daily routine and app usage patterns to optimize your phone’s power consumption. The Adaptive Power Saving Mode enables users to be reassured knowing the smart battery is running most efficiently for the best performance needed.

Express your style with an elegant design

The Galaxy A80 is available in two colors: Angel Gold and Phantom Black. The Gold color includes elements of pink so these colors look different depending on light direction and reflection.

First Impressions

The Galaxy A80 looks very nice with it’s very slim bezel. Holding it is not a concern despite 3.5-inch width of the body, thanks to it’s thin profile. This means using the phone on-the-go should be easy and comfortable even for prolonged use. Navigation is also a breeze.

As I said, I was specially drawn to the rotating camera. And the quality of shots taken are equally good. It quickly adjusts its focus when switching to selfie mode and back.

One thing that is concerning is the durability because there’s a mechanism that makes the camera rotate. I wonder how long can it withstand all the rotation. I hope it would be sturdy enough to last for the next upgrade, like in 2 years or so. I also hope that this is not just a one-time offering where Samsung will no longer create a 2nd iteration of the Galaxy A80.

Because honestly, I plan to buy it when it becomes available on May 29. And I want that rotating camera to still be available in the next version of Samsung Galaxy A80. For more information about the Galaxy A80, visit

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