Review: Xtreme S-Series 43-Inch Smart TV MF-4300s

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Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV MF-4300s in the boxHere’s my review of the Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV model MF-4300s. It took some time for me to finish the review because I’ve been really busy at work and then some. But when I had the chance, I would squeeze in some time and watch on this smart TV. And while I’m not touching it, my auntie and cousin would watch Netflix on it.

Inside the box, the television unit comes with the manual, two remote controls, stands, and a wall bracket. The wall bracket is used only when you want to mount the Xtreme Smart TV on the wall. In my case, I installed the two stands so I can place the TV on a table.

Front of Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV

Back of Xtreme S-Series Smart TV

Ports at the back of Xtreme S-Series Smart TV
Two remote controls comes with the Xtreme S-Series Smart TVTwo remote controls for the Xtreme Smart TV? Yes, you read that right, unlike the others that I’ve encountered, this one has two remotes. One is extra-long used for general TV viewing when you need to key in the channel of the show you want to watch. The short version is used for “smart” functions which I would say is pretty handy. Although you need to use the “home” button if you want to access Netflix, Youtube, and the browser which are available as dedicated buttons on the longer remote.

Now, let’s talk about the Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV features:

  • IPS Panel
  • Full-HD Ready
  • Built-in Soundbar by Puresound
  • Netflix and Youtube application preinstalled
  • Wifi Ready
  • Runs in Linux software

Setting Up the Xtreme S-Series 43-Inch Smart TV

Accessing the settings

Entering information on Xtreme Smart TVMake sure that you have somebody to help you when setting up any smart TV or you’ll risk touching the screen which is quite sensitive. I installed the two stands on each lower corner of the unit to set the TV on the table. Switching on, I was able to quickly access the settings to configure and connect it to the home network. After I had the unit connected to the wifi, I was able to login to Netflix and Youtube.Dedicated Netflix and Youtube keys on remote controls

The Xtreme S-Series Smart TV viewing experience

Beautiful colors

Different hues of blueEnjoy a quality viewing experience with the Xtreme S-Series Smart TV. I was not able to connect my cable connection because of certain limitations to wiring proximity, so what we experienced at home is the “full Smart TV” experience. I have Netflix installed and with that, we were able to take advantage of the high definition content while watching movies and series.

Accessing the Youtube app on the Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV
Accessing Youtube

Watching video on Youtube

We love the colors of the Xtreme S-Series Smart TV
We love the colors!

My auntie, who is quite picky with what’s shown on TV was very pleased. She loved the clear pictures and color reproduction in an instant the first time I turned it on. That’s what she kept complaining about when we got our 65-inch LG Smart TV. We also loved the sound. It’s important to note that we didn’t even have to tweak the picture and sound quality. Everything that we’re enjoying was right out of the box. The experience was the same when I played a video on Youtube.

Surfing and Gaming on the Xtreme Smart TV

Browsing my blog on Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV
I accessed my blog
The App Store categories
The App Store

Well, if you have the patience to enter the URL of websites, you can definitely browse the internet with this smart TV. But one of the features that I found interesting with the Xtreme S-Series Smart TV is gaming which can be accessed from the “App Store.” Nope, it’s not Apple’s App Store where you can download apps. It’s a collection of content that you can watch, mostly from Youtube except for the Gaming category where you can actually play a game.

Alien Shooter game from the App Store
Alien Shooter game from the App Store
Playing Alien Shooter game on Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV
Playing Alien Shooter game

Other Entertainment Options

The Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV has HDMI ports, USB, Component in (Y/PB/Pr), RF In (Terrestrial/Cable Input), Digital Audio Out(Optical), Audio Out (Mini Jack), Composite in (AV). That gives you options to hook up other forms of entertainment like watching DVDs or downloaded movies and even gaming consoles.

My Verdict

The Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TV Price is Php16,495. If you are on a budget or looking for an affordable option, I recommend buying this TV. From my family’s experience for a short time, we had an enjoyable viewing experience. That’s value for money right there.

The City Roamer reviews the Xtreme S-Series 43-inch Smart TVSure, the leading brands may have additional bells and whistles. But that comes with a higher price tag. Why spend more when you can get one at a practical price. That allows you to keep the rest of the money for other things that you or your family will enjoy. Isn’t that nice? May Smart TV ka na, may extra money ka pa. 😉 Visit

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