Key Info on Hepatitis C Treatments with the Help of HepCured

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HepCuredBeing aware of sicknesses and diseases is a step to a healthy life. So if you want to be aware of Hepatitis C treatments and additional information, there’s HepCured, a movement that promotes awareness of this particular virus. The group recently launched its website to reach more people with relevant information.

HepCured on Hepatitis Cure
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Back in the early 90s, I remember a scare about Hepatitis C. At that time, there wasn’t much information about this virus. Because of that, people were speculations that it cannot be treated at all. It became a real concern when one of my close friends was inflicted by the virus.

Hepa C SymptomsThat’s no longer the case now. Just search the internet and you’ll find tons of information about Hepatitis C and its treatment. But with HepCured, you don’t have to go from one resource to another.

No Symptoms - Hepa C

Derek Dee
Action Star Derek Dee is a Hepatitis C survisor

In addition, Hepatitis C patients can be part of a community of seekers for the cure called The Cure Club. The Cure Club endeavors to search for Hepatitis C treatments and remedies that are more accessibly priced and can be found in non-traditional sources.

“One of the most common causes of liver-based sicknesses is Hepatitis C. According the Word Hepatitis Alliance, about 80 to 150 million people are dealing daily with Hepatitis C. In spite of such a high-risk rate, public concern and information is limited,” reveals former photographer, action star, movie producer and Hepatitis C survivor Derek Dee who spearheaded HepCured.

Anybody can have Hepatitis C and might not even know it, and I totally agree. Like what happened to my friend and Derek Dee, a person’s lifestyle 15 to 30 years ago could damage the liver without any signs. “The main reason people die from Hepatitis C is because symptoms don’t show up until it is too late so you don’t know that you are sick,” points out Derek, emphasizing the importance of getting tested.

Four years ago, there was no Hepatitis C treatments available. Being inflicted with the virus was a death sentence because there was no cure yet. But now, powerful medicines with a cure rate of 94%-97% have been discovered. And affordable generic options are available so there is nothing to fear.

Access to the cure that is easy on the pocket is provided in the site discussions. “It is through constant updating and sharing of knowledge that the disease can be identified, battled, and defeated,” declares Derek.

Affordable Hepatitis C Treatments are now availableIt’s such a relief that information about the virus is readily available. More importantly, the availability of Hepatitis C treatments is such a breakthrough. For more information, log on to

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