Daiso Japan UP Town Center is Now Open

Shoppers came in drove at Daiso Japan UP Town CenterI had a blast shopping at Daiso Japan UP Town Center. Yes, the Japanese retail store offering very affordable items is now open this side of Quezon City. It’s the company’s 60th store in the Philippines, and it opened with a bang via a flash sale.

Shoppers came in droves and the place is full to the brim, it’s almost impossible to move around. But I can’t help but plow through the aisles because of interesting finds that I see at every turn. I think it’s the first time I felt giddy again with shopping.Toiletries are available at Daiso Japan UP Town Center

Snacks sold at Daiso Japan

Smartphone accessories at Daiso Japan UP Town Center

Who wouldn’t? Interesting items were sold for only P60, P160, and P260 only! And with the free ice cream for everyone, it’s a sweet treat after all the shopping and lining up. Plastic containers for various use at Daiso Japan store

Knicks-Knacks in all shapes and sizes are sold at Daiso Japan store

Kiddie Items sold at Daiso Japan

To be quite honest, I haven’t been to a Daiso Japan store before. Yes, the visit to Daiso Japan UP Town Center was my first ever. My previous experience with similar retail store sometime ago was not very positive. The items I bought at a bargain ended up being thrown away in a couple of months. That’s frustrating, so I never entered any bargain stores again.Home and office supplies available at Daiso Japan

Fellow blogger Jing Javier shopping at Daiso Japan UP Town Center

Daiso Japan sells cosmetics and toiletries

It turns out I was missing a lot. I got feedback from family and friends that they’ve been doing shopping at Daiso Japan and are quite happy with their purchases. It’s no wonder the store just keeps on growing in the country.Clothing Items and accessories sold at Daiso Japan store

Cleaning items are available at Daiso Japan UP Town Center

Affordable bags at Daiso Japan

The 60th store is at the 2nd level of UP Town Center. The latest outlet apparently has a new design style when compared to other branches in the Philippines. We were told that this one is very much similar to the stores in the Land of the Rising Sun. Daiso Japan UP Town Center has an airy look

“The new store concept for Daiso Japan allows our products to take front and center – bringing it closer to Filipino consumers. The store was designed with elements that will keep it clean, bright, airy, and streamlined, making it easier for visitors to maneuver and explore the whole store,” said Katherine Yu, Daiso Japan general manager. “The new store design is in line with the mantra of the brand to provide quality, variety, and uniqueness in our product line.”

Shoppers were welcomed with a flash sale at Daiso Japan UP Town Center Indeed, the store has an airy feel to it and compliments the vibe of the mall. And some of the design elements include polished stainless, laminate and metal decking floor pattern that brings to life a sleek and industrial interior. Daiso Japan UP Town Center is a great addition to all the retail shops at the said mall.Shoppers line up at the counter to pay at Daiso Japan UP Town Center

Aside from showcasing its new and exciting interiors, and the flash sale, media guests were also treated to a journaling session with Cienne Olaes, a watercolor junkie and journaling expert. The fun activity was done with materials readily available at any Daiso Japan store nationwide.

Watercolor junkie and journaling expert Cienne Olaes shared her craft to the media guests
Watercolor junkie and journaling expert Cienne Olaes shared her craft to the media guests

As a special treat to customers, the exclusive Robinsons Rewards Card was offered for only P100 when they visit the Daiso Japan UP Town Center outlet during its opening weekend. The points were immediately credited for every purchase at the store.We learned the art of journaling using art materials available at Daiso

Art materials available at Daiso Japan

At Daiso Japan, every product—from office knick-knacks, home and kitchen ornaments, beauty essentials, and practical but curious merchandise— brings utmost value for money! Visit Daiso Japan UP Town Center or any of the 60 stores near you today. For more updates, follow Daiso Japan on Facebook (

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